The world of interiors is an exciting and ever-changing environment. The days of matchy-matchy wood furniture sets had their moment. And for better or for worse it has passed. Mixing different kinds of wood in your home makes the space inviting an unexpected. Generally, you don’t buy all your designer furniture in one fell swoop, so you’re probably already mixing wood furniture hues without knowing your bang on trend. Now, you just need to make sure you’re doing it right.

Portuguese brand WeWood have nailed the art of wood mixing in the Scarpa W Sideboard.

Texture Time
To keep things interesting in your interior décor, variations in colour, pattern, texture and style are essential. The same applies to your wooden pieces. For example, opt for modern chairs that have a complementary wooden tone or grain to your dining table. If they look too similar, it will look like you tried to make them the same and failed. Be more adventurous and pair a heavily grained wooden table with ultra modern chairs.
texture time

From left to right
Cali Rounded Print Chair by Acrila
Corset Chair by Munna
Tavolo Round Table by Il Pezzo Mancante
Tectonic Silence Chair by Rue Monsieur Paris

Break Out
Smooth the transition between one piece of wooden furniture and the next by separating them with a contrasting rug. Since wood tones are considered  ‘neutral’ in a colour palette, it’s easy to pair them with an array of colours and designs to achieve a visually pleasing result.

rug rug

Joker Rug by Illulian
Nenuphar Coffee Table by Ginger & Jagger
Katakan Sofa by Dare Studio

Scatter Them
When you decorate with different wood finishes make sure you think about their placement and proximity in your home. Avoid having all the dark woods on one side of the room, as it may appear too dark and heavy. Instead, scatter them throughout in a balanced manner.


Multileg Coffee Table and Multileg Showtime Cabinet by BD Barcelona 
Muse Bar Cabinet by Mambo Unlimited Ideas
Katakana Rocking Chair by Dare Studio

Go with the Grain
When all of the wood surfaces in a single space share the same tone and grain, nothing stands out and the room falls flat. Experiment with different kinds of grain and tie the different finishes and styles with an accent colour. Choose from our cuarted collection – throw pillows, floor lamps and side tables – to create a congruent flow through colour.

Ukiyo Side Table by Moroso
Altoum Double Seater by Rue Monsieur Paris
Giant Floor Lamp in fresh orange by Anglepoise
Isabella Cushion by Mineheart

Whenever you go through a design process, your home should be a harmonious collection of pieces you love, and that’s more important than following “the rules” or not. As always, we share with you our expert knowledge so that you make your home so beautiful you’ll never want to leave it.