Here at The Longest Stay, we’ve been busy updating our collection of fabulous designer furniture and home accessories! With lots of new products from our brands such as Gloster and Lyon Beton, we have a brilliant selection for you to choose from. Also new to our website is a mesmerising collection of Art by Tanja, featuring a variety of stunning abstract creations. If you’re looking for something new to refresh your home this month, look no further than our May must haves!

Gloster have always designed gorgeous outdoor furniture, and their 2017 collection only adds to this. Their fantastic designs will help you create a sophisticated outdoor seating area that oozes style and opulence, while also providing an incredibly comfortable area. The Cloud 150 Sofa is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, and will make summer barbecues or cocktail evenings extremely stylish affairs. Its Seagull grey tone will contrast the vibrancy of any garden excellently, and will match a range of products from the brand’s collection. Gloster are experts in bringing comfort usually found inside the house outside, and have made a collection of furniture that is wonderfully practical and durable, without compromising on style.

What’s fantastic about the Gloster range is that although they are set out into different collections, such as the Asta, Vista and Bepal collections, the products are excellently designed to pair with each other. For example, the Asta Stacking Armchair and Carver Table complement each other effortlessly with their cool white aesthetics and perfectly angled structures. The Asta armchair especially flaunts a sleek look with its stainless steel frame combined with a gently curved backrest - this stylish chair will make sitting in the sunshine in your garden even more relaxing. 

Also new in for May is an excellent range of Art by Tanja - her collection of abstract artwork includes pieces such as ‘Fairy Tale’, ‘Bachata’ and ‘Sex on Fire’, all of which boast incredibly vivid designs perfect for livening up any interior. These home decorations will draw attention, easily becoming focal points in a room. ‘Bachata’ is an especially stunning piece - its vibrant red, yellow and orange shades creating a warm feeling, perfect for infusing some colour into a cooler space. However, Tanja’s collection is diverse, and so if you’re not a huge fan of bold colour, monochrome pieces such as ‘Fairy Tale’ will help introduce a moody and dramatic look into your home.

Tanja’s collection boasts incredibly bold designs, perhaps none more so that ‘Red Highway’, pictured above. The red background contrasts dramatically with the black representing the highway, while its imperfect brushstrokes can be interpreted as seeing the road flash past at speed. This exciting design will become an eye catching feature in any home, but will particularly suit rooms with more subdued colours schemes so that it can truly stand out.  

For more fabulous products like the ones mentioned above, take a look at our New In page!