Maison et Objet’s biannual exhibition in Paris took place last week and we were lucky enough to visit and seem some fabulous displays from many of our stylish brands and some exciting, new talents.  The overall theme of this show was “Comfort Zone”, which inspired relaxed silhouettes, soft textures and pastel hues. We’ve compiled a list of our top 6, so take a look below…

1. Munna, Ginger & Jagger


Collaborative brands Munna and Ginger & Jagger put on a sophisticated display of their designs, featuring the new Fringes sofa and the super sleek Landscape desk, which is made from solid marble and finished with highlights of brass. 


2. Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Mambo Unlimited Ideas

This brand is known for classic, mid-century silhouettes upholstered in contemporary, luxury materials.  Their display showed off their elegant pieces and introduced some new designs such as the cosy Ivy armchair and tufted Dust collection.  


3. Acrila


French brand Acrila was out in full force at Maison et Objet.  From whimsical miniature displays to bold colours and hints of sheepskin, the stand had serious impact and their acrylic designs really stood out.


4. Delightfull


Luxury light specialists Delightfull returned to Maison with a refined display that emphasised their mid-century influences and allowed the lighting designs to truly shine. 


5. Seletti


It’s hard to miss when Seletti puts on a display and this year they were no different.  Their bold and brazen stand could be seen from yards away and highlighted their zany approach to contemporary design. 


6. Hamilton Conte Paris

Hamilton Conte Paris

Last, but certainly not least, Hamilton Conte Paris were back with their effortless luxury.  Gorgeously designed and expertly accessorised, their stand was simply beautiful.