Conversations around our environment, sustainability, upcycling, re-using and recycling continue to be as prevalent as ever. At The Longest Stay we aim to create a business model that also respects our environment, from small things like utilising recycled paper to more impactful choices like working with partners with environmentally friendly practices in place.


fashioned from nature


Spanning 400 years, the Victoria and Albert’s museum Fashioned From Nature exhibition opened recently not only to bask in the beauty nature has inspired in fashion and textiles but also how its suffered because of unhealthy fashion manufacturing practices. Showcasing popular styles from as far back as the 17th century up to present day, the exhibition makes no apologies and hopes to incite change. And to honour this movement, we’ve compiled a few items that encapsulate nature and design in it’s most beautiful form.


upcycled boat to table

recycled table lifestyle


This dining table by Gila Timur is manufactured using recycled wood from decommissioned Balinese fishing boats, which means every piece is completely unique. This ensures a longer lease of life for its raw materials and if you’re someone that loves to have something no one else has, then this one is for you. Style with contemporary dining chairs to give its shabby chic vibe a modern twist.


upcycled leather rugs

Caramel leather rug 

Brown Leather rug


The British duo, Elvis & Kresse, are innovative designers that have made a name for themselves by turning reclaimed materials into luxury goods. They collect the finest, leather off-cuts from a host of manufacturers (including Burberry) to create fashion and home accessories. The designer rugs in the image above are the ideal piece to let your eco-warrior shine, finish the look with either deep saturated emerald hues for city living or add a rustic touch for a countryside home.


recycling wash up bag

Upcycled wash bag 


These two pieces are made from genuine decommissioned red fire hose. It’s an unusual choice of material, but it’s waterproof and strong enough the tackle the the daily wear and tear of use. The lining is reclaimed from military-grade parachute silk, which prevents it from becoming damaged from spills and stains. No bag is exactly the same yet black prints on the original fire hose adds character to every piece.


emeco coca cola


Made from 111 recycled beverage bottles, the 111 Navy Chair is a story of innovation. This chair was made after Coca-Cola™and Emeco collaborated to upcycle consumer waste into a sustainable, timeless, classic chair. The bottles that make this chair were taken from landfills and then designed into an iconic structural item, made to last.  In the first five years since its launch, over 15 million bottles have been saved from landfills. Now, that’s progress!


We know that there is still a much bigger road to travel but we’re ready for it. Are you?