When it comes to throwing a party, a theme can help bring the entire evening together and add a playful element for your guests. We recommend you stick to one, it could be Parisian Cafe, Mexican Fiesta, 1920s Speakeasy Lounge, 1960s Mad Men or Masquerade Ball, to name but a few. However, don’t get bogged down if you are struggling to find one that fits in with your designer furniture and interior décor.  Work with your current design by adding key pieces that enhance your theme of choice.

Flower Power

Never underestimate the power of fresh blooms at your dinner table, whatever the season, there are always flowers that will enhance your décor. Make them pop by opting for one of our colourful vases below.

Flower Power

Crystal flower vase by Bomma

Amethyst crystal cut vase by David Redman

Rose vase by Waterford


Drinks Please!

Delight your guests with a cocktail on arrival. It’s an excellent way to kick off the night in style.

Drinks Glassware

1. Crystal tumbler by Bomma

2. Emerald crystal martini glasses by David Redman

3. London double old fashioned tumblers by Waterford

4. Ruby crystal cocktail shaker by David Redman

5. Elegance stemless wine glasses by Waterford

6. Talon Red tumblers by Waterford


Go with the Glow

Opt for subdued light, by using floor lamps or pendant lights with atmospheric glow and candles. This is the most flattering type of light and it feels warm and welcoming.

Designer lighting

M graphic collection by Delightfull

Curva candlestick by Edge

Jar RGB pendant light by Lasvit

Constance floor lamp by Heathfield

Muletas lamp by BD Barcelona

Glass vessel candle by Feu De Beaumont

Multilamp with 4 lampshades by Seletti


Take a Seat

If you’re having an evening with a sit-down dinner, then you might want to consider a seating plan. This will create interesting conversations and make your evening a success. Plus, your designer dining table will look lovely with place cards accompanied by your finest tableware.

Allure Dining Table

A true style stunner, the Allure dining table by Koket has a beautiful woven metal base making it a truly mesmerizing addition to your space.


Dinner is Served

Speaking of tableware, don’t be afraid to use your best pieces for the event and mix & match with some vintage heirlooms for added character. If you’re not having a sit-down dinner, then opt for eye-catching serving plates, sharing platters and bowls.

Luxury Serveware

1. Crystal bowl by Bomma

2. Architecture crack plate by Kiasmo

3. Azure bowl by Waterford

4. Darley Abbey Harlequin plate by Royal Crown Derby

5. Octopus two-tier stand by Culinary Concept

6. Old Imari plate by Royal Crown Derby



Think about serving wine, water and cocktails from gorgeous decanters.

For example, well-designed wine decanters like the 13, 60, 104 by Rokos or the Elegance Accent decanter by Waterford encourage oxygen into the wine and as the wine moves, its flavours are released.


13 60 104 wine decanter by Rokos

Ginger jug by Waterford

Presa water jug by Atipico

Amethyst crystal whisky decanter by David Redman

Elegance tempo decanter by Waterford

Dots glass decanter by Bomma

Neon decanter in lime green by Waterford


Break Time

Ensure your home has areas where people can move and mingle around in, and if needed, take a breather from where the main action is happening.

The Lpngest Stay

Altoum Double seater by Rue Monsieur Paris

Equus teacup and saucer by Royal Crown Derby

Selection of cushions by Nitin Goyal


Hostess Look

Make sure you dress the part for your special soirée if you’re going with a theme really embrace it and go for it but equally, it’s your party so dress in whatever makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

What are your top tips for the perfect soirée?