As the nights draw in, there is no better way than getting cosy and ready for a winter’s evening than with ambient lighting. In an ideal world, we’d change our lighting scheme seasonally but in reality there is a much more cost-effective and practical way of achieving the perfect mood. Candles and lanterns are the ideal home accessory to shop for in our home decoration store to achieve a subdued atmosphere.candles

Coral Hurricane Lantern (top)
Octagon Pagoda Lantern (bottom)
Diamond Lantern (right)
All by Culinary Concepts

Candles in a Tin
With fourteen scents to choose from our Illume collection will satisfy your entire home scenting needs. We recommend choosing complementary scents that will work together when lit in different parts of your home. For example, pair Oceano with Mediterranean for fresh ocean vibes or team Oakmoss with Tangerine Teakwood for a forest infused scent. These come in a package of four, which means you’ll have plenty at hand when they run out (although with 35 hours of burn time that won’t happen anytime soon!) or you could gift them to your nearest and dearest and keep one for yourself.
Selection of Illume Candles

Caring for Candles
Sherry says, “trim the wick before you light your scented candles, this will ensure you get a clean flame and therefore avoid getting those nasty smoke stains on the candle’s jar or votive.” In addition, we recommend using a snuffer to keep the wick from getting damaged when blowing it, to keep the smoke to a minimum and to avoid spilling wax all over your fine furniture.

litSnuffer by Feu de Beaumont

Dotted Displays
One of our favourite ways of displaying pretty open flames (always keeping a watchful eye) is with candelabras – to give it an old romantic appeal – or with quirky tea light holders. Place them on a side table, on your mantelpiece, or dining table for added drama. Peruse our selection below, which one would you buy?
tea light1. Tea Light Holder in pink by Royal Crown Derby
2. Bead Circle by Edge
3. Darley Abbey Harlequin tea cup set by Royal Crown Derby 
4. Candelabra Three Arms by Edge
5. Deco Star by Edge
6. Stag Tea Light Holder by Culinary Concept

Light it with a Lantern
Lanterns are a simple but elegant way to add ambience to your living space. They’re great for shedding light on your deck, as a centrepiece on your dining table or lighting a darker corner on the floor or atop a console table. They look lovely grouped together in differing heights, on their own, or as part of a fun season or festive theme. This winter holiday season, try cranberries, tree ornaments and pine branches to give your lantern a celebratory look, and you can top it off by tying some fragrant holly or cinnamon sticks with a golden ribbon.


Pentagon Candle Holder (top)
Black Marble Base Hurricane Lantern (bottom)
Manila Hurricane Lantern (right)
All by Culinary Concepts

Can you think of any ways to get creative with lantern decoration? Share your ideas with us…we’d love to see them!