There are many ways in which you can incorporate the colour blue into your bedroom, whether in the form of furniture, accessories or your home decorations. However, the tricky part of creating a blue room is deciding on what type of mood you want to strike. Some blues will envelope a playful atmosphere in a room, while others will create a more sullen or calm vibe. We’ve put together a few ideas in today’s blog to give you a little inspiration on creating the perfect blue bedroom.

It is important to decide on how much blue you want to bring into your interior – often enough, even a subtle instillation of colour will completely refresh the look of a room. For example, the blue accent pieces featured in the bedroom pictured above give the room character and charm, their deep blue shades contrasting beautifully against the cream and brown tones of the rest of the space. Sometimes, less is more when featuring bold colours in a muted or pastel interior setting.

Saying that, featuring more obvious splashes of blue in your bedroom will definitely liven up the space. Luxury chairs such as the Koket Nessa Chair, pictured below, which displays class with its curvatures and deep blue tone, are ideal for bedroom areas and will look fabulous next to a small wooden table or desk.

For anyone brave enough to bring in some incredibly eye catching pieces, the Polart Lofty Anna Table is perfect for you. Not only will this table grab attention in any room you place it in, but it will highlight the accessories you place on it beautifully. Designer tables that exude such a bold colour often can look a little tacky, but due to Polart’s excellent merging of classic design and contemporary colour, this piece oozes style and modern sophistication.

Perhaps you want to infuse blue into your bedroom, but don’t want to change your current furniture. Giving your walls a touch of paint will transform your space, and is a relatively cheap and easy way to renew your room. Deciding on what shade of blue to adorn your walls with, like we mentioned above, will depend on what atmosphere you want to create, and also what will match your current furniture. Sticking to subdued and light shades of blue will make for a tranquil space, while bold teals and turquoises and moody indigos are best for creating a more dramatic look.

Alternatively, wallpapering your interior can help bring in some colour and pattern. For example, the Mineheart Delft Baroque Wallpaper is fantastic for introducing some whimsical style into any bedroom; its blue illustrations create an incredibly interesting aesthetic that will bring you in for a closer look. Whether you decide to wallpaper your whole room with this product, or create a striking feature wall, this design is ideal!

We understand that you can’t completely redecorate your home with every new trend, so introducing different accessories is a great way to keep up with the latest styles without breaking the bank every season! Cushions and other soft furnishings are always a stylish staple for bedrooms – our advice is build up a collection of different cushions, such as the Bivain and Nitin Goyal products above, that you can interchange, so you never get bored with your bedding.

For more fabulous blue home pieces, take a look at our designer furniture and home accessories!