Nowadays, the choices for modern chairs at our disposal are endless. From designs that have been given a new lease of life by the likes of American brand Emeco or Danish brand Gubi to new designs by up-and-coming brands like Rue Monsieur Paris and more established brands like the Italian godfathers of design Moroso, Cappellini, and Poltrona Frau. We like to shake things up a bit around here, so grab a glass of vino and get ready to be mesmerized…with 10 modern chairs that work as either part of a contemporary décor or mixed with vintage pieces.

1. A three legged chair is bound to make some heads turn, and this luxurious dining set – inspired by the waves of the sea – features four walnut and stainless steel framed chairs and is handmade in Cornwall.

Ribbon dining set 

Ribbon dining set by Journeyman


2. French brand Rue Monsieur Paris know a thing or two about making a statement, with the artistic direction of Marjan Denkov, a Paris Fine Arts Academy graduate, this high-back dining chair features black and white marble marquetry and a hand-cut geometric pattern. Check out the matching designer coffee table to complete the look.

Rue Monsieur Paris


3. The ultra-cool and modern Funky Punk chair by Opinion Ciatti adds some rock and roll chic to your dining area. Mix with simple, modern lines to give these die-cast aluminium studded chairs space to breathe. Opt for one colour and mix with a monochrome palette for a slick finish or combine with vintage pieces to soften the overall look.

Funky Punk


4. Speaking of aluminium, we absolutely love the Navy Aluminium chair by Emeco designed by no other than Phillipe Starck. With an estimated life span of more than 150 years, this 100% recyclable aluminium chair is lightweight, strong and built to last. Its renowned design is part of the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art and was first built for use on submarines in 1944. Own a bit of history and art with these versatile chairs that are available in various colours. 



5. Bang on-trend and super comfy with a beautiful textile combination, we’re talking about the newest addition to our collection from Mambo Unlimited Ideas, the Doble chair. We love how different fabrics bring added texture to this retro-modern armchair.

Doble Chair


6. A modern selection of chairs would not be complete without the Nagazaki chair by Mathieu Mategot, brought to life by Gubi. Mategot was the first person to combine metal tubing with perforated sheet metal; a pairing that particularly characterizes his work. In just over a decade Mategot’s designs achieved iconic status, with his Nagasaki Chair being the best-known design, which is now held in Vitra's Design Museum in Germany.

Nagazaki Chair 


7. We recently wrote extensively about Cassina’s trajectory in the design world, and we couldn’t include every piece. Take a look at the 302 Argyle chair and marvel in its grandiose structure, one that would be perfectly at home in a gothic-inspired décor or a sophisticated banquet-style dining room. It features a stained black ash wood frame with a high back and upholstered seat and was designed by Charles R. Mackintosh.

Charles R. Mackintosh


8. Even though autumn is approaching and the nights are drawing in, we can keep the hope of summer alive a little longer by bringing a touch of the outdoors in. For example, Norman Copenhagen’s Knot chair features a natural paper cord detail that adds an element of nature to your décor and has a 1950’s appeal.

Knot Chair


9. In the same vein, the Gabbia chair by Universo Positivo features a similar colour combination as the Argyle chair but is wider in its structure and is made of tubular metal with an oak seat. Perfect for your seating room, reading corner or bedroom.

Gabbia Chair


10. Taken from the 1935 painting “Femme à la Tête Rose” by Salvador Dali, the Leda Chair was re imagined and brought to life by sculptor Joaquim Camps who created a tangible, usable piece of furniture and work of art. Indeed, with a price tag of almost £25,000 this brass masterpiece would not pass by unnoticed and must be displayed in pride of place.

Leda Chair

At The Longest Stay, we have a piece to suit your style and budget and this is only a small selection of our entire collection, which can be found here. Which one is your favourite?