We all love a good mirror, and one that is ideally placed in our bedroom, bathroom or hallway to take a quick glance at our day’s outfit, make up and hair. You may be like us and even use window reflections to check these vital things. A designer mirror is a decorator’s secret weapon. When used correctly, they are ideal for bouncing light in a room, creating textural and spatial illusions, making darker corners brighter and highlighting specific areas in your home.

Window Dressing

Place a mirror opposite a window to flood any room with an abundance of natural light. This little tip can work dramatically, especially when it’s dark and gloomy outside. A mirror will absorb any light and reflect it back into your living space.

Adnet Rectangulaire

Adnet Rectangulaire by Gubi


Centre of Attention

If you don’t have a fireplace or mantelpiece that dictates the centre point of your living or dining room then a mirror is the perfect solution.

We sing our praises to the Bel Vedere by Opinion Ciatti, that is a cunningly designed mirror and bookshelf, which helps to organise unnecessary clutter. The impressive structure is made from metal and is lacquered in a white matt finish. The mirror is adjustable and can rest on the floor or can be suspended on the wall vertically or horizontally.

Opinion Ciatti

Bel Vedere mirror with the Jospehine sofa by Munna


Bring it to Life

Long gone are the days of flat or frameless mirrors that add no point of interest to a wall. If you’re aiming for maximum impact, then we’ve got an array of designer mirrors that will add a three-dimensional level to your walls. Our favourite is the Antarctic mirror by Ginger & Jagger with its original design inspired by the movement of tectonic plates.

Ginger & Jagger


Think Outside the Box

As you may have guessed, our collection of mirrors have surprising and unexpected shapes. We wouldn’t be The Longest Stay without them! One of the first brands to join us in this adventure was Boca do Lobo, and they continue to deliver superb design that fits in with our eclectic vibe. The Root mirror, with its superb size is sure to bring in the light and create a spacious look with it’s haphazardly placed shapes.

Root Mirror


Pure Decoration

Opt for a group of small mirrors to decorate specific areas in your home in need of some TLC. For instance, place the Fallen Leaves mirror by Insideherland above your headboard in your bedroom. Or opt for the Skin mirror by Tonin Casa that features a more symmetrical shape in comparison.

Tonin Casa


Beyond a Mirror

Mirrors are not just for your walls, have you ever considered a piece of mirrored furniture? This can either create a beautifully luxurious effect or be terribly over the top and go totally wrong. The amount of light reflected with a mirrored piece of furniture is quite dramatic, especially as it gets refracted from all angles of the piece. If you’re going for this look, we recommend opting for one piece only. Keep the rest of your décor fairly subdued so there are no battles for attention. Check out Jake Phipps Stellar console, it features 900 individually sized and angled mirrors, so keep its top as clutter free as possible (no luxury gifts displayed please!). If you’d rather have the mirror, we’ve got that too.

Jake Phipps


Light will seem to flood through the elements in your home like a river when mirrored surfaces are placed strategically. Are you still unsure about how to use mirrors? Get in touch today!