Oh, the joys of colour! We are huge fans of this style of decorating, in fact, we did a photo shoot inspired by this technique a while back and it remains as prominent as ever. It originated from the fashion catwalks (as most interior trends tend to begin), the most prevalent example being Yves Saint Laurent’s 1968 Mondrian Collection. The 6 cocktail dresses comprised graphic black lines and blocks of white and primary colours. The idea of colour blocking is to use solid blocks of colour as opposed to stripes, textures or patterns, hence the name.

It’s versatile enough that you can go for either highly saturated combinations of colour or opt for something a little subtler.


Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian cocktail dress

Homage to Mondrian cabinets by Cappellini

While you may execute this trend in a more Memphis style, you can also mix different hues within the same colour family. This ensures that everything in the space goes together.


Do-lo-rez sofa by Moroso

Art by Tanja for TLS

Melange rug by Nanimarquina

Moon ceiling light by Ango

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could keep to colour blocking by simply using black and white. Next to each other, black and white become ultra sophisticated and will lift a room in an instant. Opt for a designer mirror like Boca do Lobo’s Root mirror - the epitome of feminine elegance.

Boca do Lobo Mirror 

We can’t all go crazy and swap our entire interior design scheme every season, but we can update our décor with colour-blocked cushions and throws to add an immediate pop of brightness to your environment. Proof that when it comes to colour blocking, a little bit goes a long way.

Cushions and throws

1. Scala throw by Oyuna

2. Lady Grey cushion by Mineheart

3. Tal throw by Oyuna

4. Nude pink cushion by Bivain

5. Noma throw by Oyuna

6. Problem Child/Little Angel cushion by Fenton 

If you’re looking for high impact then don’t forget about your floors. A multihued geometric rug can do the trick all by itself. Keep the rest of the décor in neutral territory but don’t be afraid to add a few bold pieces and place them against a contrasting wall. 

Designer Rugs

Funk multicolour rug by Asiatic

Camouflage rug burgundy by Cappellini

Fields rug grey by Cappellini

Frantik purple rug by Illulian

If you’ve got a designer dining table in need of some love then think about your chairs. You can colour block by having each chair in either different contrasting colours - such as teal and red or amethyst and coral – or subtle complementary shades. 


S 43 chair by Thonet

Are you ready to join the block party? Don’t be afraid to experiment and if you need a guiding hand, we’re here to help.