One of the things we love the most about our interiors journey is discovering new designers with fresh ideas that make us fall in love (even more) with the interiors world. Hend Krichen is a London based Tunisian born designer who graduated with an MA in product and space design from Kingston University. Her ‘Tunisia Made’ collection continues to make waves in the industry with its beautiful mix of grey-and-white vessels, terracotta, copper and patterned earthenware.


Hend Krichen

Small jar with patterned copper lid

Tall vase with patterned copper edge


The inspiration behind this collection is rooted in her home country’s traditional arts and crafts techniques with a modern twist. She has adapted local materials and commissions Tunisia’s talented artisans to bring her vision to life. For instance, the beautiful patterns featured in the lids of her vessels are inspired from her research into the Ottoman Empire, whilst copper is a natural resource in Tunisia and terracotta is one of the country’s main exports. However, it’s the stark minimalist forms and structures that modernise the entire collection.


Hend Krichen Small Jar Patterned Copper Lid Tail

Small jar patterned copper lid detail


Her hand crafted pieces blur the lines between objects and art, but their functionality is key. It’s a stylish way of keeping your accoutrements organised and your home clutter free. Their design invites you to feel each piece in your hands. The contrast between the raw feel of the earthenware and silver detail catch your eye as you place them either above your mantel piece or your favourite designer sideboard.


Hand Kirchen Vases With Sliver Plated Lids

Tall vase with silver plated edge (left)

Small vase silver plated edge (right)

Large  vase with silver plated lid (bottom)


It’s no surprise her work has been featured in the most lauded interiors publications including Elle Decor, Elle Decoration, Vogue and Wallpaper to name a few. And we’d go as far as to credit her as one of the designers to bring us back to the glory days of terracotta — Italian for ‘baked earth’— back in the 80s. Today, Krichen’s paler blush pink and burnt orange hues vases suit modern homes, as well as, bohemian or traditional inspired decor.


Hand Krichen Small Jar - Copper Lid

Small jar with plain copper lid


The designer chooses to work with materials and maintain their raw state, as a way of revealing and keeping a deep connection to their country of provenance. Her new pieces go beyond Tunisia’s borders, embracing different cultures and regions from around the world. Watch this space as we continue to add to her unique collection. 


Hand Krichen Stylish Pots


If you love handcrafted pieces with a rustic nod that are perfectly balanced with our modern world then Krichen’s collection is for you. And now, you can own a piece of global heaven in your living space. Which one would you like?