When you decorate your home, choosing the small things like soft furnishings is the easy bit, but choosing your main pieces of furniture is a more considered purchase. It can define your interior style for a long time to come so you must be 100% satisfied with your choice. In fact, according to Elle Décor, designer sideboards can last a lifetime and can then be passed on as family heirlooms. Of course, you must choose a quality product and one that fits your design aesthetic. Fear not, we are here to provide a guiding hand.

Do you love wood, clean lines and serene décor? If your answer is YES, then take a peek at these classic sideboard designs from the WeWood collection. Founded in 2010, with the passion of Portuguese design, Wewood delivers furniture that aims to retain the character of the wood as time passes. What sets them apart is their expert understanding of wood as a natural and renewable material alongside their innovative techniques and craftsmanship. 

Wewood Scarpa 

If you prefer something even more quintessentially classic you need to look no further than Julian Chichester. They have established an enviable reputation for classically inspired, quality British furniture. The company design and manufacture remarkable pieces, which combines classic styles with contemporary accents.

Julian Chichester 

Here at The Longest Stay, we are all about furniture that is a little bit out of the ordinary so we have to make an honourable mention for Il Pezzo Mancante’s Credenza sideboard. Not only is it very spacious and perfect for storing all your dining room accoutrements but it also has black feet that are out of this world!

Il Pezzo Mancante

If you’re unsure what kind of style best represents you, take a look at your wardrobe – it is generally – a very good indication of the things you like and the things that bring out your personal panache. Do you enjoy something more eye-catching, colours that pop and unforgettable pieces? Then take a look at our selection of statement sideboards below. WARNING! These are not for the faint-hearted… 

Boca Do Lobo


Last but not least, is the BD Barcelona Shanty sideboard, which is one of Sherry’s favourite pieces. A patchwork of corrugated surfaces come together to make up the façade of this cabinet influenced by the improvised dwellings across the world, from Brazil to Africa and India. Make an ever-lasting impression on your guests with this phenomenal sideboard that sits at home either in your living space or dining area.

 BD Barcelona

If you feel your home could do with a feminine touch, then think of sideboards that are inspired by nature or have soft colours like white, rose and cream, accentuated with metallic details. Not only will they make your space feel more spacious and bright, they will also add a touch of soft elegance to your abode. Remember, sideboards are excellent for maintaining a clutter-free environment and great surfaces for displaying interesting design objects and designer lighting.

We hope you find what you’re looking for in our edit, but if you’re still unsure feel free to drop us a line to interiors@thelongeststay.com for expert interior styling advice. What is your design style? Tell us in the comments below.