This Saturday is Earth Day; a day held annually on April 22nd to celebrate the planet and encourage people to lead more environmentally friendly lives. The day is marked by all sorts of events in countries all over the world, with people organising Earth Day fairs, group tree planting and recycling activities as well as the cleaning of local community areas and much more. At The Longest Stay, we know that we often use energy we don’t need, especially in our homes, and so in the name of becoming more environmentally conscious, today’s blog is all about styling your home in a way that will help to reduce your carbon footprint!

Around this time of year, when the days are longer, we have more natural light, yet so many of us don’t make use of it. One simple way to cut down on your energy use (and to save on your electricity bill) is to let natural light illuminate your room. Often enough, the light from the window is enough to keep your room aglow for most of the evening, especially if you clear your windows of any obstructions. Of course we know you can’t be wandering around in the dark when the natural light does fade away, so using energy saving bulbs in your designer lighting pieces is the next best option!

Installing mirrors in your home will help increase the amount of light in your room, again lessening your need for artificial lighting. Placing big statement mirrors opposite windows and glass doors will duplicate the amount of light shining into your interior. Not only that, but mirrors such as the Ginger and Jagger Antartic Mirror will infuse contemporary style in any space, while providing an illuminating glow. To really commit to being environmentally friendly, mirrors exuding a nature inspired look, such as the Insidherland Fallen Leaves Mirrors or the Malabar Waterlily Mirror will encourage you each day to be more aware of your energy use, and will make striking statement pieces!

We’re all guilty of it – as soon as the weather turns a little cooler, we overcompensate with heating. Instead of this, placing a rug across wooden or tiled flooring will help warm up the place. A rug with warm tones, such as the Mineheart Persian Polkadot Autumn Morning Rug, will look fabulous spread across dark flooring, helping to create some warmth in terms of your colour palette too. Involving soft furnishings such as cushions and throws in your living room will also help create a more comfortable space. The Oyuna Scala Throws are perfect for draping over designer sofas and wrapping yourself up in on cold evenings, so you won’t have to adjust the heating!

Introducing warm and bold colour into your interior will also help brighten up the space, making for an interior that invites you in. Even the slightest touches of colour will have an impact, especially in more minimalist or pastel rooms. For example, designer sideboards like the Mambo Unlimited Ideas Muse Sideboard will inject its subtle pink tones into a space, without compromising the existing interior style! You won’t need to put your lighting on too early with some of the fantastic pieces above brightening your interior!

For more fabulous products sure to infuse your home with style while helping you to be more environmentally friendly, see our collection of furniture and home accessories!