This summer brought with it vibrant colours and flashy jungle patterns which we applied liberally within our homes. Once the sunny days come to an end there always seems to be a sudden inclination towards a softer style. One that is comforting, fresh and slightly less outspoken than summer designs. Autumn presents a canvas of colour in the tonal leaves that decorate the trees, and the cool dusky evenings. Follow our style tips on how to create a soothing indoor scheme that is perfect for the autumnal months. If you are looking for luxury furniture online we have a range of stylish items and trendy accessories to suit you.

Gubi Lifestyle Image

One brand that is sporting the mellow autumnal look is Gubi. This particular arrangement is free from small accessories that may clutter the scene. Instead Gubi have opted for a stand-out velvety sofa in a moss green shade. Though Gubi have used a splash of colour in their sofa it is not overpowering; they have placed it against cool coloured walls and neutral flooring for balance. This is key when styling your room, try and merge neutrals with accents of colour to keep it fresh. Add a simple mirror to further add to the aesthetic. Muted tones are certainly a characteristic of the season, you may want to experiment with dusky pinks, pale blues, washed out oranges or woodland greens. All are rich enough to be eye-catching but with a muted effect to create a tranquil feel. This interior motif doesn't have to be restricted to the living room, in fact it can work wonderfully in any room due to its adaptable nature.

If you want to add further embellishment to this look why not try:

Throw and Cushion

The start of autumn usually means the sun will be setting earlier and the glorious long days will be coming to an end. Instead of relying on nature, it will be up to us to illuminate our homes through the long evenings. Try and encourage the soft ambiance by using designer lighting that mimics an organic glow.

SkLO Lifestyle Image

Glass and warm metals like brass will be the perfect accompaniment to this arrangement. They will reflect light and create enough drama to accentuate the subtle colour palette. This sublime glass floor light by SkLO has been hand-blown to mould its sphere shape. As the light passes through the glass it is softened, making it radiate with a subtle hue that is irresistible. This would be the ideal addition to your seasonal scheme. Incorporate linen touches whilst dressing your windows, this will make the room feel brighter. The atmosphere should feel calm and effortless.

Shifting seasons will usually mean a shift in how and where we choose to entertain. During the summer we migrate to our outside area, dining alfresco as much as possible and lapping up the sunshine on our deck chairs. The cooler months bring with them social evenings spent within the comfort of our homes; usually in the shape of cocktail evenings and sophisticated late night dinner parties. Establish a grown-up social area that will fill your evenings with delight. What better way to do that than with an eye-catching drinks cabinet? Choose an item with a natural material and an impressive structure, a cabinet that re-enacts the shifting aesthetic in the world outside.

 Ginger & Jagger Drinks Cabinet

We say, embrace autumn and celebrate the new season with a perfectly styled interior. Give our design ideas a try and see what wonderful results follow!