2016 is set to be a year to remember in terms of design. So far we've seen a variety of eclectic trends, from 70s furs to contemporary monochrome. But fashion doesn't have to be kept for our clothing - bring a bit of the catwalk to your bedroom with these tips for picking out the perfect designer bedroom furniture.

Established and Sons

Established and Sons Torch Table Light £139

Statement Pieces

The need for storage is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. By choosing a dramatic statement chest of drawers or wardrobe, you can use storage as a springboard from which to design your entire bedroom. Choose a modern twist on a traditional piece to create a moody, romantic feel, or select a colourful geometric print and coordinate bed linens and throws for a vibrant, fun effect.

Julian Chichester

Julian Chichester Regency Wave Chest £2770


Do not dismiss shades of white and black as boring. A juxtaposition of the two shades can add an incredibly dramatic look and add a touch of elegance, while an entirely white room creates a clean, calming haven. Accessorise these colours with metallics that pop. 

mineheart wallpaper

Mineheart White Plank Wallpaper £69


One standout theme of the 2016 trends is the importance of texture. Whether it's suede, fur or tassels, fashion and interior design went 3D this year. While you may not want to start buying leather sheets just yet, by adding textured throws, pillows and rugs to your room, you can update your bedroom furniture instantly, giving your room a decidedly modern feel.

cowhide rug

Mineheart Renaissance Cowhide Rug £687

Out of the Ordinary

This year the creators of designer bedroom furniture have not shied away from the avant-garde. There are a huge variety of alternative and wonderful pieces of furniture available now, playing on asymmetry, clashing colours and surreal representations. Have fun with furniture this year, and take a chance on beautiful pieces you'll enjoy for years to come.

cappellini revolving drawers

Cappellini Revolving Chest of Drawers £2544