Wewood is a Portuguese brand who are well known for creating beautiful and incredibly high quality wooden furniture and home accessories. The company, which was founded in 2010, aims to produce furniture pieces that retain the character of their material of choice: wood. With a varied collection of designer sideboards, tables, chairs, storage units, desks and more, the brand is constantly discovering new and innovative ways to design and create, all without losing their passion for craftsmanship. The Longest Stay is proud to boast an array of Wewood products that will add a sleek style to any interior.

In terms of style, Wewood have defined themselves with their innately modern minimalist aesthetic. Their products ooze a simplistic elegance characteristic of Portuguese design and have the ability to fit in with a variety of different interior looks due to their mostly neutral colour schemes. For example, the Gladys Chaise Lounge, pictured above, exudes contemporary style with its cushioning’s sophisticated and subtle grey shade. This chic look is only furthered by the chair’s elongated straight lines and curved edges, which create a stylish look as well as a comfortable seat.

Storage units can often be pushed into the corner of rooms and forgotten about, but, Wewood sees them as more than merely functional items of furniture. They create unique and eccentric bookshelves, cabinets, sideboards and more that will grab attention in rooms, stealing the spotlight from more obvious statement pieces.

The X1 Bookshelf is an especially striking product which boasts a sharp and playful geometric design that gives the illusion that one of the planks of wood is floating independent from the rest of the structure. This bookshelf will work well in contemporary interiors showing off your possessions, but be sure not to overfill the shelves as you won’t want to hide the unit’s unique design!

Another fantastic product that doesn’t compromise on its style or functionality is the Wewood Scaffold Sofa, which incorporates clever storage space in its structure. Multi-functional designer sofas, such as this Wewood product, will infuse style into your home while giving you some extra space to store your belongings.

Wewood have a gorgeous selection of designer tables ideal for injecting some minimalist style into any dining room. The Ines Dining Table is an excellent example of a simple design that will suit a variety of different rooms. Its sleek and sophisticated aesthetic captures the brand’s passion for excellent craftsmanship, while its white acrylic finish on the underside of the table top makes for an interesting feature that adds character to the piece.

While the brand are undeniably contemporary in their designs, a lot of their products exude a retro vibe, showcasing strong geometric patterns and bold shapes that transport us back to the 60s and 70s. The Wewood Casanova Sideboard is an excellent example of a product that draws inspiration from years past, with its striking pattern carved into the wood contrasting with its structure’s clean lines.

For more fantastic products sure to bring in some effortless style to your home, take a look at our Wewood brand page!