Tic-Toc! Daylight saving time doesn’t end until October 29 but it’s never too early to give your home a little facelift with simple interior décor ideas from our home accessories collection, like adding or updating your wall art. Strictly speaking, clocks aren’t considered ‘art’, however, they are more than mere timepieces. They are objects able to provide a room with a defined style.

 For over 40 years Diamantini & Domeniconi have been producing quality time pieces, completely made in Italy, by combining the use of industrial technology and the time honoured traditions or “know how” of hand-crafted production. The Italian designers create distinctive wall clocks, giving old-fashioned designs a contemporary edge. With a love for colour and whimsical designs, Diamantini & Domeniconi clocks add a quirky touch to any interior. 


From left to right:

The Gomitolo big clock, with a 90cm diameter, this maxi-sized piece has a knitted, removable cotton cover.  We love how it amalgamates the suppleness of knitwear in direct contrast with the rigid, formality of time. It’s available in a variety of colours including, red and sky blue. Place it any room in need of a statement piece with a dab of gentleness.

 The Back to Nature clock is inspired by both the ornate Baroque style and bucolic scenes of nature, this clock features an entangled forest scene, which will look chic in a monochrome contemporary styled room above your designer sideboard.

Similarly, Pascal Tarabey’s laser-cut metal shaped clock nails the modern take on cuckoo clocks. With its traditional mechanism, the cuckoo bird sings every hour but has an inbuilt light sensor to ensure it does not 'Cuckoo' at night. Seen here in white, also available in red and black.

 For something a little less eye-catching that blends in well with any décor style we suggest the super-minimal and cool Pill timepiece.  Made from solid turned wood with gentle concave angles that create a smooth, curved clock face. Opt for natural or white if you’re after something simple, or go for any of its bold colours in yellow, green or black, if you prefer sprucing up your walls a tad more.


 From left to right: 

Shine on with the metallic trend, which continues to grace the most prestigious interior décor magazines, jump on it with the Oro wall clock. Cunningly screen-printed with a 24 carat gold surface that will add a sense of grandeur to your living room, bedroom, study or kitchen.

Our latest addition to the D&D collection includes the Arlecchino clock, a unique piece made with Murano glass in a disorganised mesh of black and white horizontal lines, as well as, the industrial look and feel of the Prima o Poi wall clock. Place this clock behind strong lighting to create dramatic shadows – a bold style choice – indeed! 


Our favourite, for its ingenious design, is the Drop clock. It features a folded surface to place precious or interesting items that you can change periodically to give it a new look. At the same time, the surface is mirrored to reflect the hues and objects of its surroundings. Amazing!

It’s about time clocks got our undivided attention. Where would you place any of these clocks in your home? Let us know by sharing your comments on our Facebook page