“Let’s follow the pink paved floor. Let’s follow the pink paved floor.” A little bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz we got our comfy shoes on and started our journey through the largest concentration of creative companies and designers in Europe: Clerkenwell Design Week. It’s a combination of stunning sculptural displays and promotional trade show for the 130 or so furnishing showrooms in EC1. Buzzing with architects, interior designers and design lovers alike, we were there to bring you our take on this wonderful festival, and this is what we loved and enjoyed…


1. Fabric & Light

Our first stop was the enigmatic Fabric nightclub, where a stunning display of neon lighting greeted us as we walked into a world of designer lights including Bert Frank and Brokis, hand made creations by LightArt and Naomi Paul, and we met German born designer Marc Wood from Marc Wood Studio. Did you know Bohemia is a place in Czech Republic that many Parisian philosophers and artists traveled to and vice versa? Thanks Marc for imparting such knowledge!


light and fabric clerckenwell 2018


2. Timorous Besties & Brintons

Adjacent to the luxury exhibition space Detail we came across Glaswegian duo Timorous Besties and their stunning prints on rugs by Brintons. The perfect photo opportunity. 




3. Detail in St. John’s Square

The medieval grounds of this former religious settlement is the perfect backdrop for the stunning bespoke furniture by Michael Northcroft. The crypt leaves us with an eerie feel but works with the stunning colours of their upholstered chair collection.


details in st john's square_clerkenwell_2018


4. A Piece of Sky

Sky-Frame literally brought us a little bit of sky with their complex concrete and mirror structure, designed by award-winning architect and designer Stephan Huerlemann.


a piece of sky


5. Scale Rule

Also set in the garden of St James Church was Scale Rule an amazing display of colours - a kaleidoscopic structure - that forces the viewer to look up. We loved taking a moment to breath in nature’s elements and looking up to the sky. Created by the next generation of designers: GCSE students from around London.


ual installation_clerkenwell_design_week_2018


6. Revamp your Tote

Get your old tote revamped and given a new lease of life by Scale Rule and Print Club London. There was a small charge for personalising your tote, with all proceeds going towards cancer support charity Maggie’s Centre.




7. Domus Furniture

You may have heard the name before as they’ve been in business for over 30 years, but their showcase of Domus Tables is a more recent venture. Exhibiting at Platform, inside the House of Detention (a former prison) these little beauties are sturdy, colourful and quite unique!




8. Anna Hayman Designs

Platform also hosts Anna Hayman’s beautiful 1920s flapper style-Bloomsbury patterns in deep hues, featured in wallpaper, fringed-lampshades, tasseled cushions and silk shirts. We want them all, so watch this space!




9. Cappellini

We had to take the opportunity to say hello to some of our current brands and longtime supporters. Cappellini’s showroom is a dream and seeing all the pieces in one room is breath taking.




10. Moroso

Another great one. They’ve supported us from day one, and we’ve loved them forever. One look at their showroom and you can see why. Unique fabric development, a cacophony of intense and vibrant colours and their always welcoming team. Bellisimo!