Firstly, thank you so much to all of you who’ve submitted requests to be featured in our blog. Today, we introduce you to Jean Roberts. She believes in the power of beautiful design as a foolproof way to lift our mood. When she's not creating inviting spaces, she writes about the inviting spaces she has created. Her inspiration mostly comes from her favourite movies.


Baroque furnishing is a timeless decorating style when it comes interior design. It’s noted for its intricate details, ornate embellishments, and bold colours. The style also features classical ornaments that are arranged in a sculptural way, often depicting movement for a more dramatic effect. It’s usually seen in gardens, architecture, and art, but it’s making a comeback in home design. 


The living room


old office


Start with the pieces of furniture you have. Take inspiration from this Greenwich village penthouse featured on Elle Decor, which has antique furniture and highlights. Pay attention to the small details, most especially the mirrors, chairs, and tables. If the size of your home allows it, install an ornate wrought-iron chandelier. You can also reupholster your couches, chairs, and sofas for the signature 18th century French design. The Polart Meridienne Sofa with its Louis XV design would add elegance to any room.


The bedroom



Getting a four-poster bed is often a great idea for your Baroque-style bedroom. It should be an invitation that combines chic and luxury aesthetics, complete with quilted bed covers and pillows. Choose fabrics like satin, velvet, and faux fur, too. You should choose from timeless French furniture, all of which have bold designs and intricate patterns true to the Baroque style. You also need to make sure you get one piece of statement furniture, like the dressing table or bedside and chest drawers. A good choice would be the French style Moissonnier Regency chest of drawers


The bathroom


the bathroom


House Beautiful has a list of 30 of the most beautiful powder rooms you’ve ever seen, one of which features an elegant Baroque styling. It has plush decorations like Baguès-style sconces and an intricately carved bathroom mirror, along with an antique French limestone floating vanity. For an even more luxury feel, you can add a marble bath. Choosing the right toilet is also important. Screwfix has an assortment of classic toilet designs, ranging from square designs to more traditional circular bowls. Stay true to your French design by choosing a round toilet instead of the contemporary ones that are popular today.


The dining room


the dining room


Architectural Digest featured a dining room designed by Michael S. Smith, an American interior designer based in Los Angeles, who has also been the White House’s decorator since 2008. That’s probably why you can see a bit of French style in the Oval Office. For your own dining room, add a smaller chandelier that can tie together with your living room chandelier. You can also choose the same design of upholstery for your dining room chairs. Don’t forget to add antique sconces and carved mirrors. If you are looking for a mirror that is both classic and modern we have a beautiful Boca Do Lobo Neapoli mirror, that will fit into any style of room.


Overall, the French Baroque design relies on three key things: a binary palette, antique furnishings, and intricate details. But if you want to incorporate a bit of a contemporary touch, you can, too. At The Longest Stay we laid out how you can style your home like a modern Parisian—just add a few modern chairs and simpler mirrors instead of embellished ones and you’re all set.


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