It is a rare and wonderful thing when we come across a brand that we feel absolutely connected with. Oyuna is one of those brands. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it at first but once we understood the company’s ethos and brand philosophy we comprehended why. Its creative director and founder Oyuna Tsenrendorj has made it fundamental to her mission that the cashmere she uses for her throws comes from her native Mongolia and that it fulfils what she calls,  “the soulful cashmere” cycle. Keep reading to find out what this is…

Oyuna throws

Founded in 2002 from Tsenrendorj’s desire to showcase what she believes is her country’s most precious natural resource (cashmere) she launched a capsule homeware collection, which performed extremely well. Growing exponentially, OYUNA was soon stocked in some of the world’s most prestigious department stores and boutiques alike, culminating in the launch of a ready-to-wear womenswear capsule collection in 2009. 

Seren throw

Seren throw

The team behind Oyuna encompasses 12 nationalities and, after Tsenrendorj left Mongolia to travel and study in Hungary and Paris and later settling in London, it’s clear that Oyuna’s minimalist yet colour injected aesthetic has world influences. Speaking of vibrant colour, it is a testament to their creativity and innovation that they choose to dye their yarns before they’re converted into a product. This means colours are brighter and last longer than if they’d be dyed after the product is made.


Oyuna’s Creative Director, Oyuna Tsenrendorj

Uno, Safira & Teva throws

Did you know it takes about 2-3 goats to make a cashmere cardigan? And that you can only comb them once a year during Spring? This tradition goes back through centuries of nomadic living and this process is integral to Oyuna’s creations. It forms part of the “soulful cashmere” cycle that its creative director is pushing forwards. Not only does it shine the spotlight on Mongolia, but it also emphasises Oyuna’s belief in sustainable design. Tsenrendorj says, “I want Mongolia to be known not only for its best cashmere but for soulful cashmere” that follows these parameters:

Happy Land, Happy Nomads, Local Green Manufacturing, High-quality product, Innovative design and a Creative way of delivering product.

Oyuna throws

Andro throw, Seren throw in Ivory, 330 ST Chair by Thonet, cushion by Mineheart

Oyuna is certainly challenging the way we perceive and use cashmere. They have collaborated with designers and artists to create unique installations and are constantly pushing the boundaries to turn cashmere into a personal experience. In Oyuna’s words “design and beauty are important to our lives, they inspire us. There is very little left to do for a designer once you’re working with such a beautiful natural material like cashmere.”

Oyuna throws

Add some green to your bedroom with the Tal throw

However little there is to do, Oyuna is certainly creating luxury gifts that will suit any home. We love to drape them over one of our luxury chairs or simply lay it on your bed to wrap yourself in the softness and lushness that is Mongolian cashmere. Oyuna’s throws are definitely full of soul.