Today my team and I were talking about creating a blog that gave people real insight into our growing startup on a daily or weekly basis. So here goes readers our first blog. After disabling our out of office phone service, the first question of the day started with who will toss out our little Xmas tree or find a home? It is staring at us each morning. None of us have soil we can call our own, so I guess tomorrow one of us will toss our little office Xmas tree.

Tautvydas and I reviewed the morning Google Analytics and got our weather report. Things are really picking up. Our digital marketing seems to be starting off in the right direction this month and apparently we are outperforming other sites, however, with sales of course comes problem orders as well so you have to ride the wave and give the best service you can at all times.  Let me tell you finding the right digital marketing people is the hardest thing out there. It has taken me half a dozen people to get there and we still are trying to nail it.  

We delivered a cabinet to a client a few weeks ago and now we discover that it was damaged on arrival. Choice a) send it back to Italy to get the manufacturer to repair it? Choice b) accept the manufacturer is closed until January 11th and won't get a response Choice c) try and fix it locally and hope to solve this ASAP. I spent a large part of my day finding a local cabinetmaker in the area of the customer to offer to go out and view the item to see what can be done. This is far from concluded but I did find the right person and looks like he can solve it. Then of course it's about going back to the supplier to see what terms can be negotiated on compensation. Not an easy job. We do seem to find a way to manage it.

While managing the business, I also have to find to time for meeting new faces and potential investors. I also have to find time to Tweet and write this new blog. I met an interesting person and potential investor today who managed 65billion dollars worth of IPOs. As we talked over cappuccinos, I don't know how he found time to raise 6 kids on top of his business life and be on the board of several interesting companies that all seem to help benefit humanity.  A likeminded soul. I think somehow managing one startup, a dog who thinks she is a cat, and two cats who think they are dogs has their challenges.
While Oliver, our bright intern, made jokes about Star Wars and the cast not being all what he thought, he chased down one of our shipping partners to get quotes for items going to Ireland and processed orders left right and centre. Persistence is the only way I said. He is also the first to comment if our Instagram posts do not make the cut. Don't get in his way. The good thing about Oliver is he will tell it like it is. Got to love the youth. No inhibitions. Georgina wrote probably 100 product descriptions today for one of our new lighting companies. She is like a bullet. I am very impressed how she knows exactly what " Sherry Says" without even having to ask me:-) And Tautvydas juggled customer inquiries, while allowing me to interrupt him for answers because patience is something that I work on daily and I believe only by the time one is ready to die one possibly has learned it, unless you are a saint.

We concluded our day at the pub for drinks to celebrate Tautvydas’ new job at TLS as we constantly think about how to scale this startup as the world finds out about TLS especially that we can ship everywhere. My favourite point today was when a customer said " Hello dear, I love everything on your site, do you ship to Saudi Arabia?" "Of course we do" I said. My second favourite part of today was when a retailer asked me "you have different items than we have in our showroom, could we buy some of yours? That was fun. More tomorrow…