Maison Objet

I love visiting Paris and when you tie it to such a great show like Maison & Objet it doesn’t get much better. The show exhibits thousands of European furniture interiors and some fashion brands. Recently, we wrote about Top Drawer in London and I suppose that show could fit in one hall at Maison & Objet. Walking the halls of 5B, 7 and 8 is the highlight at the Parc Des Expositions, which is just outside of Paris, but there is also much more to see.

Georgina and I arrived via Eurostar and stayed just outside Gare Du Nord. I find that this is the best spot to be based because you can hop onto the RER to the exhibition and when you want to explore Paris or attend an event, you are right there in the capital. If you get the fast train from Gare du Nord you can be there in 30 minutes for 8.50 Euro roundtrip. We arrived late the first night but managed to dine near St. Germain di Prix, my favorite Latin quarter, at L’ ilot Vache on rue Saint Louise en I’lle. I recommend dining there it was a great find.

Rue Monsieur Birds of Paradise Drinks Cabinet

Birds of Paradise Drinks Cabinet by Rue Monsieur

We started the show first thing the next morning visiting many of our existing brands and new brands. Our existing brands, such as Gubi, showed an impressive collection of tables, desks, sideboard and a new light, which reminded me of something out of Star Wars. Rue Monsieur highlighted their new Birds of Paradise drinks cabinet, which was like a piece of art. Discovering new brands like SkLo and Pulpo for lighting, from Germany and Czech Republic respectively, will be a nice addition to our curated collection. The new cuckoo clocks by Progetti are creative and fun and I particularly liked the mirrored bathroom cabinet with a little peacock that popped out.


SkLO pendant lighting

The bird and insect theme was prevalent throughout the show. Our featured brand, Royal Crown Derby, picked up on the trend and showed a new range of ornaments including a butterfly and bumblebee in eye catching and vibrant colours. A new designer that impressed us was from India called Gauri Khan, wife of famous actor Shah Rukh Khan. Luxury Living’s Italian glam collection of navy blue velvet sofas, mixed with gold leaf and black glossy tabletops was stunning. The mint green chairs by Munna I would put in my house tomorrow if I didn’t have two cats. 

Gauri Khan Designs

The Guari Khan display

Boca do Lobo and its’ seven other brands, some of which are new, have the most vibrant and visually striking stands. You could see the bright lights from Delightfull even if you were in another hall. I have to give it to Janet Koket and her husband for breaking the norm and bringing something totally out of the box to the world and also for highlighting artisans in Portugal. A new stand by Circu, their latest brand, showed a flamboyant baby’s crib in the shape of a hot air balloon. It was an eye catcher and for a second I thought it would be perfect for my two cats, dog and myself. I mentioned it to Tiago, their sales agent, and he thought they could make a smaller version but I was thinking the bigger version with that many of us. I think that, after 8 years of going to the show, I have finally managed to get Nason Moretti to partner with us for their Murano glassware. 

Circu crib

The Circu crib

For more brands and trends follow The Longest Stay as T will soon be uploading and cooking more products as a result of this show. We won’t give away all of our secrets but for sure we didn’t leave without inspiration, new friends and new partners for the future. Of course, we got our souvenir of a few extra calories from eating croissants, foie gras and chocolates by Alain Ducasse.