The Diary

Today was Top Drawer, the homes interiors and fashion show for artisans at Olympia. Georgina and I walked the aisles and spotted a few good finds for the site. Especially a candle collection. It was great to touch base with Gurasu, Culinary Concepts and Coach House all brands we know well and have either on our site or have recommended in projects. This year's show was the best because it merged with several other shows which gave it a lot more substance and variety than previous years. 

We found time to meet up with a lovely journalist for lunch there who works for the FT and Guardian, so stay tune as The Longest Stay may get mentioned very soon.  She definitely seem to think we had a nice story.

Oliver processed orders from the weekend, and T is working on making sure all of our products can be searched by Google. We have had a few glitches there and now it's ironing out exactly how impressions reach your product and then convert hopefully. Ecommerce may seem straight forward but it's far from it. I could write a book on this all by itself the " What not to do when setting up an Ecommerce website." Or " How to be friends with Google."

Carolina joined today, she isn't in the office everyday but we would all love her to be. Soon hopefully once we have our Style Guide updated on a more regular basis. Where you can all benefit from fresh new ideas, styled rooms where you can easily click and buy what you see in each room, and interesting editorial features about trends in design. Today it is quarterly but monthly is my goal. Carolina is from El Salvador and enjoys food the same way I do, I am still surprised I didn't steal her rice cracker covered in chocolate today. She knows better than to bring a box in, but I did discipline myself. Only because in 4 weeks I am in bikini and that thought alone scares me right now.

My final highlight was watching myself on EC TV. I can't say I enjoy the way I look on TV or present and feel quite self conscious but my team thought it came across well. It shows a very serious side of me, compared to this blog which is my vehicle for some humour and genuinely wanting other entrepreneurs not feel alone on their journey. However I must point out I am a very serious business women, who spent along time working in the tech industries, accomplishing a few good things such as helping to launch SMS,  and now I have created an interiors business which I enjoy sharing the ins and out with all of you. As long as I keep getting good feedback I will keep on writing. I hope you enjoy.