One hell of a day and I sincerely mean that. I am now trying to remember all I did today and share it with you so if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur you know what a Monday looks like. This happens to be the day before I am flying to NYC but that doesn't matter. I sent over 27 emails between 6am - 1130am. I counted. I went on camera for 1.5 hours today to be interviewed as a mentor for future entrepreneurs. I had to go from Chelsea to the city during all of this and walk in the wind, rain and freezing cold. I actually had no idea I was going to be interviewed on camera for the Rockstar app and thought it was just a discussion. I was pleasantly surprised to hear I was one of about three women and the other two are multi millionaire role models for all of us females, Lara Morgan and Sherry Coutu. However, I’m sad that there are only three of us. So maybe that puts me in the running to have success like the other two:-)

My emails consisted of writing to our tech team several times, our digital marketing team, writing accountants, suppliers, customers, getting quotes for logistic companies, calling for a press pass, trying to organise a trip to France for a property show, following up with investors, looking at how the competition has raised more money than me.  But, in all honesty, it just made me be happy that this space is finally getting the attention it deserves.

I started to raise money for this industry in 2011. No one believed me that luxury brands in furniture needed to go online. I suppose deep down inside I feel like we are championing a horse that will win the race even if we enter slightly later than others in terms of having the same deep pockets. After all, we launched the first shop-able digital magazine in interiors and brought the first Italian suppliers online.  If I lead with innovation because of my technology background and marketing background, we will always be the first and hopefully the best.

T is now practically running a big part of the company, orders, back-office, logistics, helping on marketing and taking on more and more challenges. Georgina is helping keep everyone organised and in order with the quality and focus of what we do while making sure some of the deals we are working on progress. Marcus is quiet but gets on with it, and that we love about him.  He has been actively getting me in front of some potential key clients all this week in New York. He has a secret project but we can't reveal that now.

We had some great comments today one client said " I know the cabinet was defected and not your fault, however it was your communication and the way you handled it that impressed us, Harrods should take after you." That made my day.

However this also followed from another customer "the rug was left in the bush in the rain, but it seems ok." I guess a delivery company decided they didn't want to make a trip back. This can happen. They seemed fine but I wasn't thrilled. But either way our clients are generally very nice people and seem to be very reasonable people.

Next time you will be reading this diary I will be in NYC reporting from the United Nations, to let all of you know that the CEO of The Longest Stay has every intention to support Women in Science and Technology and will make sure that inequality changes through whatever my personal efforts can bring to this cause. Please be aware of the event Twitter it and shout it away. I also plan that when my venture is very successful I will create a fund that backs other females if they agree to back another female before exit. Lets see how we get on. Have a great week.

Gauri Khan