The biggest design event of the year is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! That’s right, starting the 17th September is the London Design Festival. There are seven official Design Districts spread across the capital during the Festival. These are areas where there are distinct concentrations of design activity and events that can be explored easily on foot. We have a number of prestigious brands that are exhibiting their latest and greatest work during this period, therefore let us highlight the events and stands we will be looking out for this week.

London Design Biennale

The week will involve an extensive programme of over 400 events, some familiar classics and some newcomers will be appearing. But which events are the ones to see and who should you be looking out for? This year’s first edition of the London Design Biennale will be taking over Somerset House and exploring cutting topics from migration, pollution and energy to social equality. Nations from six continents will be presenting their interpretation and exploring the theme of Utopia by design. The exhibits will include interactive installations, proposed design solutions and artwork curated by the leading museums and design organisations. The event aims to create an international survey on the state of design.


What to look out for: Design duo Barber and Osgerby have installed a giant weathervane that imparts an impactful message about the turbulence currently being experienced in Britain. Forecast is a wind-responsive installation whose impressive outline has been positioned in the courtyard of the historic Somerset House. When faced with the theme of Utopia the designers reflected upon what it meant to them and Britain as a whole. Being a small island surrounded by ocean, wind instantly became an obvious theme for them. The weathervane also works on an comical level Osgerby has recently revealed. It has been a long affirmed quip that British courtesy and culture involves conversations about the weather. Forecast is constructed primarily from aluminium and steel. Its overall frame was made as light as possible in order for it to function accordingly with the gusts of wind that pass through it.


Credit: Forecast Installation by Barber and Osgerby

Design Junction

Design Junction is a leading exhibition for contemporary interior design and culture, held annually in London and New York where creative brands present their new collections of fine furniture. This September Design Junction will move to a new and exciting long-term home in King’s Cross. One of their events this year is Dyslexic Design show where ten dyslexic designers from the worlds of illustration, homeware and fashion will be showing their work. The show aims to unearth the links between the condition and forms of creativity. The exhibit aims to combat the stigma that surrounds dyslexia and challenge negative perceptions of it as a disability. Each artist offers their work as a celebration of themsleves and their own uniqueness. 

Gauge Vase

What to look out for: The Gauge crystal vase is a unique piece that will be featured in the show by Jim Rokos, who is also curating the exhibition at Kings Cross Granary Square. Jim Rokos embraces his dyslexia, reporting that his condition has actually improved him as a designer and contributed to his success. His message to other designers states that they can credit their unique style and characteristics to their dyslexia rather than seeing it as a disadvantage.


Decorex opens the 2016 London Design Festival and will be held  in the grounds of Syon Park. Established in 1978, Decorex has established itself as an institution among the international design community. Exhibitors will be showcasing their latest work with the intent of being both thought-provoking and inspiring. Visitors will have the chance to see well-established brands whilst also discovering new talent. This year’s theme focuses on the roots of design which will be discussed throughout their striking feature areas and interesting seminars, each ran by prominent names in their field.


What to look out for: One particularly prominent brand that will be exhibiting their luxury designs is Koket. They have a range of new products under the name ‘Metal Rage’. Each features luxuriously soft velvets and glimmering gold accents in true Koket fashion. Many of their new items create pleasing silhouettes due to their rounded shapes and lines. Koket are renowned for their glamorous and unique furniture, this particular collection doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Within their stall you will find a range of modern chairs, dazzling shelves and decadent sofas. Each opulent item has its own personality that makes an impression on the onlooker.

Take A Look At These Installations:

The Smile

The Smile

This Smile is a large hardwood structure that poses as a landmark installation for the festival. It is a product of architect Alison Brooks’ imagination and quality workmanship. Visitors are able to enter the hollow funnel to discover the interior is dappled with light that filters through perforations in its walls. Take a look at this wondrous piece that transcends labels, presenting itself as an artform and architectural assembly.

The Smile

Credit: London Design Festival 2016 supported by British Land, 17 – 25



Credit: MINI LIVING “Forests”Installation by Asif Khan

MINI has formed a partnership with Asif Khan to construct a three-part installation that proposes a solution to urban living by providing a forest-bathed space to take solace in. Around Shoreditch visitors will find what Asif Khan characterises as ‘forests’, each populated by a variety of beautiful plants. The intention of these miniature Edens is to offer locals a place to connect and relax in an immersive experience. They wish the participants to consider these installations an extension of a personal or private space that provides a middle ground between home and the city. The MINI LIVING project was inspired to take advantage of the neglected and left-over public spaces that clutter the city and transform them into something functional and beautiful for the community. 

This year’s London Design Festival promises to be one of the most innovative and inspirational ones yet; involving interactive artistic installations, immersive experiences and eye-opening exhibits. Don’t miss out, take a look at the wonderful displays and see the world through the eyes of the world’s thought leaders.