The sideboard is a wonderfully practical item of furniture, but is often overlooked as an aesthetic enhancement. We are here to tell you that sideboards are the perfect way to keep your space clear, add elegance and generally look fabulous! The first thing to remember is that a sideboard should accent your room, so try and select one that will integrate into your current scheme. That’s not to say that you can’t choose a style that isn’t eye-catching. The trick is to create balance, if you have a highly patterned sideboard then try and steady this with simple ornaments and surrounding furniture.

Take a look at our favourite designer sideboards that are certain to get your creative juices flowing and unleash your inner interior stylist.

Want to make a big statement with your sideboard? No problem, we have the piece for you. This particular piece would work best in a large lounge or social room. Match with neutral accessories and the odd splash of gold to create fluidity throughout the room.



Try something earthy that evokes a sense of calm. A sideboard constructed of luxurious wood, with unique grains would be ideal. We suggest positioning this style of sideboard by a wall or back to back with a centralised sofa. Choose a piece that has plenty of cupboards so you can tidy away the everyday mess, leaving you with a stunning arrangement.


This example by Wewood is perfect, it involves practicality but doesn’t skimp on personality. This design is versatile in the way it will happily mix with a wide range of colour schemes. Ideal!

Julian Chichester

Looking for something slightly more eclectic? If your taste doesn’t revolve around one particular era or movement then why not try mixing this mesmerising piece by Bat Eye into your home. The unit itself is a merge of urban and eclectic styles, its iron curved base mimics architectural structures while the vibrant tiles are inspired by traditional Portuguese designs.

Bat Eye

This sideboard certainly wants to be noticed and will no doubt liven the space in which you place it. Its multiple draws are perfect for keeping your knick-knacks tucked away. Mix with a palette of vibrant colours and alternative home decorations to complete the eclectic look. However remember not to go too overboard, add some solid colours and neutrals for safety.

Feeling Geometric? Geometric designs have flooded the catwalks and have been creeping into our interior style. From the looks of it, this favoured style is here to stay.

Rue Monsieur

Rue Monsieur’s Midnight Gallery console includes mellow tones in an almost three-dimensional pattern. This is great for someone, not quite ready to go full eclectic but trying to add character to a space.

Get experimental with sideboards, they are a fantastic way to enrich your space. There are a mountain of styles to suit your taste, so get searching. Enjoy!