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Creating an Outdoor Living Room

Summer is on our doorstep, meaning that a large majority of home owners can't wait to utilise their outdoor spaces during these precious warm months. There has been a growing emphasis this year on making an outdoor area feel as comforting and inviting as our own living room - creating an outdoor lounge. We have spent so long tweaking our interiors, ensuring they are perfectly equipped with every amenity and luxury. Now the emphasis is on the outdoors. There has been an emergence of lavish sofas, home accessories and soft furnishings all being used in an open-air environment.

Kettal Outside Living Room

Spanish brand Kettal have acknowledged this inclination in their outdoor collection. In this particular arrangement they have synchronised this stunning neutral coloured sofa-and-chair set around a braided cord coffee table. We love their vibrant choice of violet cushions which enhances the tones of the bordering plants and flowers. They have also incorporated some contemporary backlighting and screens for added privacy. This layout would be ideal for spending peaceful moments soaking up the ebbing rays of sunshine after a hard day at work. If you wish to further embellish this look try a comforting rug and table ornaments, see our suggestions below:

Outdoor Accessories

Integrating Organic Lighting

 A well-lit outdoor area is vital if you want an ensemble that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully trends are moving away from traditional floodlights which give off a harsh brightness, and can potentially ruin an ambient setting. The Summer of 2016 is merging towards more organic and natural seeming light that will work in unison with your surroundings. Whether you reside within an urban or suburban landscape, pick lighting that accentuates your atmosphere and isn't overbearing.

Gloster Lamps

These stunning lamps by Gloster fit seamlessly into this patio setting. Radiating a glow that is delicate and ethereal, they would be a welcome addition to any outside backdrop. Alternatively use candles or lanterns for a similar effect to create an outdoor oasis.  

Culinary Concepts Lanterns

Culinary Concepts fully recognise the importance of mood lighting, therefore they have created the Bronze Chelsea Lantern designs to optimise natural glow that adds a touch of magic to your home or patio. Arrange them in and around your seating area for an intimate ambiance that will compel you to spend a little more time outside.

A Smooth Transition from Inside to Outside

Tailoring your abode with a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor can make the environment feel more open and spacious. This concept has gained more traction in 2016 and we think it is certainly worth considering when designing your home. To ensure fluidity, you should consider how the scheme of your interior can be interpreted to the outside. Acknowledge colours from your interior and reciprocate these in the furnishings outside. If you have chosen a specific style for your lounge, transfer this to your outside space. The aim is to produce a  progressing theme that runs seamlessly from one area to another, connecting your rooms as a whole entity and enhancing aspects of space.

Kettal Transition Inside Out

Kettal have interpreted this concept in their latest  collection. They have coordinated the contemporary minimalist setting of the home which is reflected in their outdoor living area. The sleek look transitions from inside to out with ease. This effect is produced by the large glass slide-doors which create the impression of a single open-plan room. Simple lines of the modern home are equated with the clean and pure white ensemble beyond. The matching white accessories help to establish the sense of cool. Kettal manages to create a result that is stylish whilst promoting a light and airy feel.

We implore you to take inspiration from our carefully selected designer furniture collections and revive your outdoor space, for a home you never want to leave.