It’s time to bring your outdoor furniture in. Luckily Moroso have a number of outdoor seats and designs that can be used for both inside and outside, brilliant! Take a look at the curved lines and bold characteristics of the Shadowy Armchair and Shadowy Chaise Lounge. Each involve woven strands of polyethylene making it durable and supportive to your body’s shape. Best of all it can be left outside or brought back indoors for these chillier months.


Since their founding in 1952, Moroso have been in close collaboration with some of the world’s top designers to produce furniture that radiates with luxurious style. Their iconic designs have established them as a notorious brand in the industry, working with new and innovative techniques in production. Today the company is ran by the second generation of the Moroso family, transferring the old Italian artisanal charm of their early work into their modern-day projects. Their wondrous furniture collections take inspiration from contemporary art, fashion and architecture keeping them ahead of emerging trends. 

One example of their ingenuity in practice is their Soft Wood Sofa. At first look, the Soft Wood sofa appears to be a wooden bench, but it is in fact a soft sofa.

Soft Wood Sofa

Let Moroso’s mesmerising collections liven your interior with their charismatic features and unmistakeable quality this season. A common theme within their furniture designs is the interplay of lines and textures, take a look for yourself and be amazed. 

Moroso Products

Each design involves quality materials fashioned in a way that enlivens your senses. The scrunched flowers that embellish the Anitbodi Armchair make it a wonder to behold. Its bold colours keep it fresh and interesting, it would make a huge impact in a variety of interiors. The Fergana Table’s subtle curves create a cloud shape that is extremely charming. The diamond cut-outs in the table-top offset the round edges for a wonderful result. Their extensive range of sofa and chairs introduce soft and plump cushioning with metal and buttons, each with their own individuality shining through. Moroso’s style introduces multiple materials, textures and lines and moulds them into a coherent and beautiful piece of furniture.

Supernatural Chair

If you are searching for unique furniture to make your interior stand out then Moroso certainly can cater to your needs. Involve one of their quirky chairs, glamorous sofas or intricate tables in your current interior today…trust us you won’t regret it!