Our style suggestions will help you achieve a harmonious interior scheme that flows effortlessly from room to room. Our passion for designer furniture and innovation drives us to find the most current interior trends and style tips, converting your house into a home.

Get Creative With Mirrors

As well as being a wonderfully decorative element, a mirror can also be nifty in its power to visually expand a room. There is now an emergence of ‘dual-purpose’ mirrors that enhance the beauty of a spot and hold a functional purpose. This example by Malabar is perfect in showing how a simple accessory can reinforce privacy in the shape of a room separator, whilst simultaneously creating more space and light. Genius!

Napron Folding Mirror Screen

The full length Napron Folding Mirror Screen accentuates the true scale of the room magnificently. It is worth considering the frame that accompanies your mirror. You may covet an ornate frame that demands attention or something minimal such as thin metal edging. Either way this will contribute to the tone and the affect your mirror has. Why not try using mirrors to add intrigue in your own home?

Utilise Floor and Ceiling

When redecorating we often focus the majority of our attention of the four walls that make up the room. However there are two platforms that are often ignored which could potentially lift the character of the room. The ceiling and floor present a huge opportunity to make your interior special and unique. It is becoming increasingly popular to apply a subtle mural to the ceiling for rooms that need a lift. These appear in a variety of styles from wispy clouds to dramatic geometric designs. Autumnal trends are leaning towards muted tones, therefore we suggest keeping your floor a lighter shade of oak or tile. For those wanting to make a bolder statement, try using a rug with an eye-catching pattern to anchor your arrangement and draw attention to the surrounding furnishings.

Fresco Rug

This wonderful Fresco Rug by Asiatic is the ideal addition to a lounge or social area. The inky motif is engaging and enriches the blue of the cushion and acid-washed ornaments.

Use Smart Storage Units

The concept of restyling a room or changing its aesthetic can be very daunting due to the general clutter that accumulates through day-to-day life. It is extremely invigorating clearing overcrowded surfaces and replacing them with clean lines. There are a number of unique designer sideboards and cabinets that will solve this problem whilst offering a stylish tone.

Pandora Sideboard

The Pandora Sideboard in this scheme by Wewood is functional and striking in appearance. Unlike other storage units that can appear bulky, it lifts the tone of the room with its vibrant yellow accents. Its main features include a 360° colour cabinet, drawers in three different sizes and a dynamic hue which accentuates its playful form. The nifty compartments allow you to display and conceal simultaneously.

Light Up The Walls

Lighting is one of the most important elements in interior design. It can fulfil multiple functions: accenting, creating ambience and acting as a task light. Wall sconces and lamps can adapt to each of these roles making them extremely versatile and popular. Backlighting will illuminate a feature you wish to showcase such as a beloved canvas or sculpture. If placed closely to a table or nightstand the ideal spotlight will illuminate a reading area. Pick designer lighting that fulfils your intentions and promotes a mood you are comfortable with. Artimide are particularly knowledgeable in how to manipulate light to devise a stunning atmosphere.

Mesmeri Halogen Wall Light

Their Mesmeri Halogen Wall Light in this arrangement creates a mesmerising orb of light upon the walls, reflecting to the surroundings. Effective lighting is largely about creating depth through layering of different fixtures and this is precisely what Artimide have done. The closest wall sconces have been intentionally placed adjacent to those on the back wall, thus drawing your attention and neatly leading you through the room.

Use our design tips to revamp your home, establishing a warmer, cosier and more functional zone that you will never want to leave.