Portuguese design brands Munna and Ginger & Jagger were formed seven years ago, since then each has become an iconic symbol of style in the industry, pushing aspects of design to new and innovative places. They are both forward thinking and constantly adapting their techniques to mould to the fast-moving interior climate. Both companies have extremely distinctive styles, that being said their collections are very versatile and would look lovely in a multitude of interior aesthetics. Let us help you navigate through their wonderful collections, we are sure there is a piece that would be perfect for you and your home.

During this year’s London Design Week we caught up with both brands in their room installation in Decorex. Their luscious fabrics and prominently shaped furniture caught our attention immediately. Take a look at their arrangement, we know you’ll love it just as much as we did:



Munna was established back in 2008 in Oporto. They specialise in luxury upholstery, creating feminine and elegant pieces that ooze with sophisticated charm. They tend to use a mixture of traditional and more experimental techniques to create their pieces. Their most prominent pieces are their lavishly upholstered loveseats, sofas, benches and modern chairs. Munna collaborated with Lelievre Paris, a hundred year old fabric designer, back in 2014. Their relationship has led to more recent collaborations such as their new Indian Summer collection.

Many of Munna’s products are livened by soft velvet upholstery, often involving solid wooden frames and metal accents. Although Munna has ventured a few designs into other forms interior furniture such as room separators, their primary focus is in seating. In fact we would go as far to say they are masters of seating. Take a look at their extensive range of items, all wonderful in their own shape and character.

Munna Seating

Ginger & Jagger launched their brand in Europe in 2012 although their products are designed and produced in Porto. There is a contemporary aesthetic that carries through all of their work, along with the prominent influence of nature. Their furniture often uses natural forms that intertwine into their products’ core design. They hand-produce their items in high quality metals, woods and marbles. In 2014 Dior chose numerous Ginger & Jagger pieces to aid in their remodel of their stores in some of the world’s most notorious style capitals such as Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Vienna. Those looking for luxe furniture pieces will be blown away by their vast range of stunning mirrors, coffee tables, sideboards and drinks cabinets.

Ginger & Jagger’s products always seem to have a distinct lightness about them. Perhaps due to the nature-filled aesthetic they carry. Take a look at this beautiful designer dining table, it comes from their Primitive table collection which pays tribute to the magnolia tree.

 Ginger & Jagger

Munna and Ginger & Jagger’s intense passion for quality is conveyed in each piece of furniture they produce. It’s not surprising that their items lend themselves well to casual and smart environments. It is surprising how one small item can change the whole atmosphere of your space for the better, see for yourself.