Mirrors can help transform your home in a variety of ways – from bringing in a little light to creating the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. They can have a dramatic impact on any space, be it the living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway. With The Longest Stay’s eclectic collection of mirrors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your home and personal style. Here are a few we’ve picked out to give you some inspiration.


Elegantly simplistic in style, the Gubi Randaccio Wall Mirror will help create an air of sophistication in your home while complementing your existing designer furniture. As one of Gio Ponti’s signature creations, this mirror possesses a graceful, almost modest design while its atypical crown-like shape and spectacular brass finish instil a sense of glamour. This mirror will suit a variety of different purposes; its thin frame allows for light to be reflected without obstruction, making for an excellent piece to place opposite a window in order to introduce more light into the room. Alternatively, its design also makes it ideal for hanging on the wall in the bathroom and as this mirror is available in three different sizes you’ll be able to tailor it to suit your interior needs.

Opinion Ciatti

The Opinion Ciatti Bel Vedere Bookcase combines flawless design with excellent functionality making for a product that will solve your storage problems while acting as a stylishly urban feature in your home. Storing books and other personal trinkets on the shelves will make for a personal touch in your living room, transforming your mirror into a stunningly individual display. The structure is made from metal and is lacquered in a white matt finish, oozing a gorgeously chic style bound to complement your contemporary home. This mirror is adjustable and can rest on the floor in your bedroom, making for a brilliant floor length mirror with storage space to keep your accessories safe. Alternatively, it can be suspended on the wall vertically or horizontally.

 Ginger & Jagger

Part of the Earth to Earth collection, both of these Ginger & Jagger Leaf mirrors ooze elegance with their overlapping brass leaf clusters and intricate detailing. The mirrors are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any room, but we think hanging one of them above the fireplace would create an especially sophisticated look. The frame is made from leaves moulded in brass casting, then delicately and skilfully layered around the mirror - this makes for a truly stunning piece, exuding an antique elegance that will help lift any room.

Tonin Casa

The Tonin Casa Sunset Mirror is uniquely contemporary in design and will be sure to add an interesting aesthetic to your home. With its circular shape and gorgeous walnut shelf imitating a sunset, this piece boasts both a stunning design and fantastic practicality. Its sleek yet simple design enables the mirror to be placed in numerous locations, potentially in your living room or bedroom acting as a stylish storage unit. The mirror also features a touch LED lighting system which illuminates its structure, further exemplifying its sunset inspiration by emitting a warm glow into any room. Its shelf feature also flaunts a carefully carved key tray making this an ideal mirror for the hallway – not only will its lighting feature help illuminate any dark corners, but this piece will catch your eye as you leave your home, making for a safe place to leave your keys so you won’t forget them on the way out!

 Rue Monsieur

The Rue Monsieur Paris Venetian Love Mirror Frame boasts an incredibly distinctive and clever design. Its geometric trompe‐l’oeil, comprehensive perspective and exquisite light contrasts together to create a powerful statement, perfect for livening up your living room. Covered in magnificent marble marquetry geometric pattern, this mirror demonstrates a completely unique look. The technique used to create this striking mirror entails the hand-­cutting of intricately shaped cuts of marble and inserting them into a wooden base. Though this mirror is stunning enough to stand on its own, for a really dramatic look, you can pair it with a matching designer sideboard such as the Rue Monsieur Paris Midnight Gallery Modern Console Table. Collectively, these pieces will make for a wonderful visual illusion bound to modernise your home.

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