Pantone have revealed their top colour picks for this autumn and they are fabulous! The fashion industry will be displaying a beautiful array of fresh greens and blues, hazy purples, mustard yellows and burnt oranges. However this gorgeous palette won’t be restricted to the clothing industry, it will also be popping up in the world of interior design. The space between fashion styles and home furnishings seems to be getting smaller each year, this season proves to be a prime example of this. Take a look at our seasonal colour palette choices that are sure to liven your home with their radiant hues. Each of our colour selections has its own personality that will integrate perfectly into your home for a stunning result.

This rich green has been labelled by Pantone as ‘Lush Meadow’. It certainly is reminiscent of fresh foliage and forestry, inviting you to bring the feel of the outdoors into your home. Rather than being a natural shade of green it is slightly more regal in its appearance. Our prestigious brands have taken note of this season’s colour and have applied it to their designs. Take a look at  Moroso's elegant Bohemian Quilted Sofa 3 Seat, it captures the colour masterfully. Our picks include designer sofas, luxury lighting and gleaming glassware, each will enhance your home.

Lush Green

Bring a botanical air into the comfort of your home with this luscious green. The beauty of this particular colour is that it manages to balance between warm and cool, for a neutralising effect.

Nothing says autumn like rich terracotta, ensuring your surroundings are cosy. Combining orange undertones with the depth of brown, this is the perfect colour to mimic the changing leaves outside. Pantone have also identified this decadent shade and named it ‘Potter’s Clay’. It can be paired with a range of other earthy tones allowing you to create a space that envelopes you in a blanket of comfort.


This earthy colour is sure to add an immeasurable sense of familiar comfort into your space. It can easily be paired with the lush green shade for further impact.

If you are looking for something with more of a ‘wow-factor’ then purple is the shade for you! Termed by Pantone as ‘Bodacious’, this jazzy shade of purple is on trend and is appearing in a range of luxury chairs, cabinets and rugs. Each of our carefully selected items are full of lively purple hues that will liven your interior instantly. Fashioning an entire room in this shade may be a little much but it would certainly work perfectly for a statement piece.

Purple Hues

Turn heads with glowing shades of purple, almost reminiscent of heather in bloom. There seems to be something extremely satisfying and indulgent about this particular colour. Try it out yourself.

This breezy blue projects a feeling of light airiness and makes your interior feel more fresh. Cooler months usually bring with them a dark palette that can make a room feel smaller and more confined. Using a hazy blue opens a space, breathing life into the aesthetic. This shade has been named by Pantone as ‘Airy Blue’, and we feel that it is very versatile. There is a fantastic range of designer tables, armchairs and accessories all sporting this wonderful colour.

Breezy Blues

An easy-going colour that is so versatile; it would work perfectly in a wide range of settings. Blue is often associated with feelings of cold but somehow this tone manages to diminish this notion.

Play around with Pantone’s seasonal colour palette and apply it to your home, for a home you never want to leave.