Illuminating Concepts


Moulded by the most prestigious brands, these luxurious light fixtures are certain to give your interior that much needed glow. Be inspired by the latest trends in lighting, to convert your house into a home.

Warm Metals

In 2015 copper became a popular component within interior schemes, being used for ornaments and home accessories. This year the trend has evolved to a warmer variety of metals that enhance the comfort of an interior. In particular light fixtures have adopted brass and gold-metal finishes to cast beautiful, warming light into our homes. Their shiny surfaces reflect light around a room, brightening even the darkest of spaces.

Warm Metals

1. The Longest Stay Libero Gold Table Lamp £390 - The structure of this stunning gold lamp is mesmorising. The stem seems as though it is made from melting metal - a gorgeous addition to your home.

2. Innermost Facet Chandelier in Brass £3,500 - This sparkling chandelier is striking, its individual spokes catch the light at different angles.

3. Heathfield Avelin Table Lamp £267 - The gold details of this sleek table lamp would immediately enhance the aesthetic of your interior. Pair with matching black accessories for a chic look.

4. The Longest Stay Arabesque Chandelier £540 - The warm metal finish on this fabulous chandelier will make your abode feel warm and cosy.

5. The Longest Stay Provence 1Lt Floor Lamp £450 -  The aged brass of this slim floor lamp adds a sense of glamour and class to your interior. It would nestle perfectly in the corner of a room and extinguish the gloom.

6. Ginger and Jagger Savana Gold Wall Lamp £1,243 - Display these glamorous wall lamps down your hallway to create a rich ambience.

7. Innermost Beads Ceiling Light £1,075 - The brassy orbs that make up this light are hypnotising, they release a sumptuous glow that will enhance your sense of well-being when entering a room. 

 Geometric Designs

Make a bold statement by choosing a lighting arrangement that incorporates contemporary design with a quirky touch. This year geometric patterns have become extremely popular; the trend was first applied to printed wallpapers but now the iconic look has translated into lighting styles. Select an item with angular or three-dimensional elements, it will create a focal point for your inside space without being overbearing. See the stunning lighting collections below that will give your interior a funky edge.

Geometric Designs

1. Atipico Balloon Lamp in Basalt Grey £125 - This contemporary table lamp would be perfect for a small bedroom or study. The cool grey colour means it will integrate into any current scheme you have.

2. Amy Holloway Porcelain Light Sculpture £280 - A lamp with personality, we suggest you coordinate the vibrant yellow of this design into your soft furnishings for extra impact.

3. Innermost Portland 19 in Aqua £218 - These geometric hanging ceiling lamps are elegant, they would work perfectly within a minimalist setting.

4. Koket Hypnosis Chandelier £4944 - This iconic chandelier design is sure to introduce an air of opulence to your home. We love the contrast of the dark crystal and polished brass.

5. Koket Gem Table Lamp £1932 - The unique construction of this lamp is extremely pleasing; a small gem hidden within a cage of angular lines.

6. Atipico Balloon Lamp in Beige £165 - Atipico have moulded a lighting design that is interesting in shape and creates a pleasant, comforting glow.  

Inspired Forms

2016 has seen a number of prestigious brands taking inspiration from objects, materials or natural forms to base their designs on. When these inspirational forms are fused into lighting fixtures, the result is both charming and stylish. If your home is in need of a refreshing twist we suggest you try illuminating your space with one of the following designs.

Inspired Forms

1. Creative Mary Vineyard Mural £3,627 - This beautiful mural design takes its inspiration from vineyard leaves. You can see the shapes have been transformed into a light fixture that would transform a plain wall into a feature wall.

2. Lladro Foresta Wall Light £360 - This expertly crafted wall light has been moulded in the form of a wild forest tree. The botany inspired light will make your surroundings feel more peaceful.

3. The Longest Stay Chelsea Grand Single Post £1650 - Based on the classic street lamps of London, this timeless design will transform your outdoor space into a sophisticated socialising area.

4. Minehart Waterloo Table Lamp in Pink £385 - Inspired by a mighty general, this eclectic lamp would integrate perfectly into a current and quirky environment.

5. Lasvit Jar RGB Pendant Light in Red, White, Green and Blue £4,488 - This colourful set of bottle framed lights will cast a vibrant radiance across your room.

6. Innermost Jeeves Table Lamp £282 - Add this quirky addition to your room for a contemporary look. The bowler hat used to make up this lamp is playful yet refined.

7. Delightfull Botti Suspension Light £9,299 - Drawing inspiration from the form of the brass trumpet, this ceiling fixture incorporates curved shapes and lines for a pleasing finish. The light give off a contemporary yet vintage feel, making it an ideal centrepiece for any room.