October is on our doorstep and most of us are itching to host an indoor soiree with delicious food and good company. Nothing spells sophistication more than a decadent evening sipping on home-made martinis and catching up over candlelight. A cosy yet classy affair; it gives your guests a chance to don their glad rags and mingle in a home environment. In our opinion these are what the autumnal months are made for, so let us guide you in styling your ideal drinks evening. Start by:

Dressing Your Table for an Informal Banquet

Informal Banquet

Merging the concepts of a buffet and a banquet, try making your table look enticing with a range of delectable treats. Rather than a sit down meal, try serving your food on attractive serving platters for a more communal feel. Make bite sized versions of your favourite meals, ensure each snack is as delicious as the dishes they are served in. The aim of this arrangement is getting people to share and relax. Decorate the table with fresh flowers or alternatively use dried ones for a rustic feel; dried lavender has a wonderful scent and looks gorgeous. Although you want the evening to feel as relaxed a possible, we recommend maintaining the elegant tone with dazzling glassware. A set of shining crystal glasses is perfect in making the evening feel that bit more grown up, don’t you agree? Why not try putting a prosecco station in the corner of the room, equipped with various cordials and fruits to personalise the experience. This will get people chatting and using all areas of the room.

Informal Banquet

Create a Cocktail Area  

What better way to keep your guests happy than setting up a cocktail station. The star of the show in this area is a stunning drinks cabinet. Cooler months usually see an influx in drinks cabinets being incorporated into interiors and we can certainly understand why. They are perfect for housing your finest spirits and displaying them in a stylish manner. Hear the gasps of admiration as you open the doors of your glorious cabinet and reveal what’s inside. You can take turns shaking up creative concoctions or old classics.

Cocktail Corner

Keep the Surroundings Cosy

We have two words for you: Mood lighting. Lighting is an essential part of any room and setting the right tone for the evening may depend on it. Natural light sources are ideal for keeping things intimate therefore candles are a delightful solution. Assemble dainty lanterns and candles around the edges of the room for an irresistible glow. For added comfort lay down a warm rug, it softens the overall appearance of a room. Catering for a successful party means anticipating your guests needs. Some of your invitees may want to laugh, dance and make cocktails, others may want a quiet area to sit and socialise. Accommodate by organising a secluded section of the room with a padded bench and plenty of cushions. That way people can come and go as they please. The end of the evening usually calls for a one-on-one chat and this will be the ideal place to do just that.

Think Outside the Box

Fairy Lights

When hosting a get-together you should always aim to think outside the box. Although it may be autumn, your guests may wish to take the party outside. We suggest you utilise your terrace and patio space despite the slightly colder temperatures. Prepare for this eventuality by dressing up your outdoor furniture with fairy lights. You could even weave pretty lights around the branches of your garden foliage and hang ornaments from tree branches. Supply some snuggly blankets and throws for anyone wishing to spend a little time out there. Consider using a fire-pit for extra warmth. Your guests will be able to use this zone as a place to take a break from the festivities, to gaze at the stars whilst under the shelter of a cover.

Get creative this season with a fun and fabulous drinks night. Take our handy hints and use them to be revered as the best of hosts!