You may think that the larger pieces of furniture are the most important in setting the tone of a room. In fact it is the accessories that really inject the personality into it and give it defining character. It is the small and thoughtful touches that make a house into a home. These should always be items that embody your personal style. You need to be comfortable in your own habitat, so these little accents are essential in defining this place as yours. It can be tricky knowing exactly how to utilise interior accessories, so let us aid you with our creative ideas and handy decorating tips.

Make it Seasonal

Revamping your accessories is a great way to change the aesthetic of your room without having a complete redecorate. It is surprising how different a room can look with a few little tweaks. Interior design trends are beginning to replicate fashion’s fast-paced movements, meaning the masses are feeling the urge to change their interiors more often. We say, synchronise your accessories with the season. Your room will appear current and fresh without you having to completely rethink your furnishings.

Seasonal Accessories

For these cold months that are creeping in, use deep colours such as rich greens and purples, accompanied by dark neutral accents for a balance. Finish with some dark wood and brass metal accessories and you will find your space is completely transformed with very little effort spent. This really is a great way for you to have a room that feels up-to-date and beautiful.

Vary in Height & Levels

Visually we tend to be drawn in by diversity because it makes our viewing experience more exciting. With this in mind we suggest choosing accessories with varying heights. Although you may buy many of your home decorations as singular items, they must work together in the room. By placing items with alternative angles, shapes and heights alongside one another it draws the onlooker’s attention round the room. This includes having particular art pieces strategically placed, so every aspect of the room is optimised and has an enhancing effect. Along with varying the heights of your items, also try to think about various levels to display them on. There are so many areas of a room to discover. If you have a uniquely shaped space, bring this to people’s attention. You may have a small alcove or empty window sill, display an ornate vase inside with fresh flowers or a quirky ornament. Be aware of your surroundings and how you can accentuate the peculiarities that make your home individual.

Vary in Height & Level

This room décor by Atipico demonstrates the power of positioning accessories on different platforms. Our first view is of the shining mirror which greets our eye-line. Slowly the carefully positioned decorations make us consider the rest of the room. All elements of the space are taken advantage of; a slender floor lamp arches over the seat, a low-lying table displays a bold candlestick holder and the highest level of the wall is adorned with delicate art pieces.

Create a Cluster

Buy similar or matching items and group them in a cluster for maximum effect. You want to create a flow that echoes through the room, a fluidity that makes the décor seem effortless. Whether this cluster of items have similar design influences, materials, tones or recurring shapes – they will be sure to accent one another. Once you have your small arrangement chosen, then your mission is to identify where they will be most attractive in the room. Consider the lighting and position of the door. It’s always nice to put a few accessories centrally on a large designer coffee table, acting as a centrepiece. Add a few complementing clusters nearer the edges of the room and your look will be complete.

Create a Cluster

This wonderful composition by Heathfield encapsulates our point perfectly. They have clustered a few glass ornaments, all different heights and shapes on a stylish sideboard. This skilfully brings the attention of the on-looker to the rest of the room and the other delicate glass light fixtures.

Play with Textures

Returning to our comment about diversity, whilst playing with differing heights you may wish to try and experiment with textures. This can refer to visual or touchable textures. Using contrasts can be very satisfying for the senses, try adding: smooth with rough, polished with matted or shiny with mottled. It really keeps your space fresh and exciting. This will coincide nicely with your seasonal change of accessories. You can bring particular materials out in winter and switch them for alternatives in warmer atmospheres.

Play with Textures

Asiatic have mastered the interplay of textures in this image of their designer furniture and accessories. They layer a soft rug on top of smooth marble flooring. With that they have applied different cushions with varying fabrics, consistencies and qualities. The gold cushion appears more scrunched while the clouded one seems to have a velvety quality. Paired with the shiny ceramic pot and natural Pussywillow placed in the corner, we are blown away by the combination of textures that mesh perfectly here.

Get shopping for wonderful room accessories to make your interior even more special. Your home should be a place of refuge therefore you should fill it with your favourite things. Enjoy!