If you can only choose one room to focus on when designing your home, the living room has to go to the top of the list. The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but the living room is the soul and often sets the style for your whole decorating feel. Here we outline five ideas for you to consider in your decorating forays.

 1) Play with Patterns & Bright Colours

You might choose tartans, stripes, florals or trellis. The key to mixing patterns is to ensure you balance them with large blocks of solid colour so it doesn't become too heavy and stays modern. Think about anchoring the space with a solid colour on your sofa and then splash the patterns around.

Dare Studio

Dare Studio Hardy Wingback Sofa £4,800

 2) Create a Reading Nook

Make a haven for some reading time by placing a cosy armchair, like this one by Moroso, by a window or in the vicinity of a bookshelf, and don't forget to make sure you light it well for those late­night page­turning sessions.

Moroso Bohemian Armchair

Moroso Bohemian Armchair £7219

 3) Touch Up Your Trends

Stop your living room becoming stale by treating it like you would your wardrobe. Update it with a few well ­chosen accessories every few months , all the easier if you pick a neutral overall scheme with colour and pattern pops.

Nitin Goyal Cushion

Nitin Goyal Small Braids Printed Cushion £44

4) Make Your Coffee Table a Game­Changer

Pick a ­large and stylish coffee table, like this one from Rue Monsieur. Invite friends over for games night and transform your space into a fun­filled front room.

 Rue Monsieur Paris Moonlight Kaleidoscope Coffee Table

Rue Monsieur Paris Moonlight Kaleidoscope Coffee Table £14,895

 5) Revamp Your Viewing Area

A question that often arises is: where do I place the TV? If you have the space, the simplest solution is to place it in a corner so the room flow is uninterrupted but you can still collapse on your favorite sofas to watch in comfort. Consider our tips for a loveable living space and you'll create a relaxing, chic and considered space in no time at all. Of course, the fun you choose to have in it is entirely up to you.




 Cover Photo: Innermost Canvas Sofa and Armchair