Italian company Arper specialises in creating contemporary furniture built to enrich the everyday, either at home or in commercial environments. From a project in 1989 that launched from within a leather workshop by Luigi Feltrin, the company president, Arper has steadily grown and established themselves as an innovator of design and furniture online. Their company goal revolves around the ‘pursuit of the essential’. More specifically applying their passion and skill-set to create useable products that appear effortless. This is precisely what results, a range of simple yet effective pieces that ooze with style. As a brand they make it a policy to ensure that their products pay respect to the environment by using low-emitting recyclable materials. Their clean and classic designs transcend time and will certainly have a positive effect on your indoor surroundings. Let us highlight our favourite items from their diverse collections and suggest ways in which you can incorporate their wonderful items into your interior.

One of their most iconic collections is Catifa; a beautiful chair that comes in a multitude of styles and options. These include: Catifa 53, Catifa 60, Catifa 70 and Catifa 80. Created in 2001, it has steadily evolved into a versatile seating system that covers all imaginable degrees of comfort and uses. See for yourself:

Catifa x 3

Their furniture designs sit comfortably in contemporary settings, creating striking silhouettes that appear graceful and organic. They can also work well in more rustic surroundings where their bold modern shapes contrast beautifully, for a more eclectic finish.

Modern Vs Rustic

Some of Arper’s designs take inspiration from the natural world, interpreted and reimagined into modern-day pieces of furniture. The Leaf chair is a prominent example of this ingenuity and interest in nature. The powder coated steel structure replicates the delicate veins of a leaf, each subtle curve and line is a nod to the unique characteristics of forestry and foliage. These chairs can be used as garden furniture or as indoor furniture - genius! We think they would look fabulous in either setting.

Leaf Chairs

Don’t be fooled however, Arper’s repertoire certainly extends further than just chairs. Their collections cover upholstered furniture as well as tables and shelving. These embody the same graceful shapes but offer alternative uses. Notice the beautiful Dizzie Table captured below, it is not afraid to be simple in its overall shape. The curve of its base that supports the table-top gives it an elegant appearance. Topped with some decorative flowers this truly is an eye-catching and desirable accessory to your home. 

Dizzie Table

 A common theme that unites Arper’s varied items is their obvious consciousness for convenience and attitude to saving space. Many of their chair and table designs involve a stackable element or connect in some way in their arrangement. The Saari and Steve collections for example include variously sized chairs and sofas, each with their own character and personality. They can also be assembled together to form a united shape that saves space and looks incredible. What makes Arper's products so unique is the amount of practicality and diversity that is incorporated into their conception. Each item has been considered for multiple uses and requirements. Luxury garden furniture can be utilised for indoors or outdoors. Certain chairs can be used alone or added to the end of a sofa to form a larger piece of furniture. It is precisely this attention to detail that makes Arper's designs so ground-breaking.

So go ahead and delve into the ocean of creative genius that is Arper! You are sure to find pieces to suit your taste and enhance your interior.