It only takes a few moments for someone to form a concrete opinion of your home, as they say: first impressions are the most lasting. Though many people will urge you not to judge a book by its cover, I think we can all agree that these early moments are important. As soon as somebody steps through your door they are subconsciously taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. Take our advice and create the ideal environment that will leave the best impression, and create the warmest of welcomes.

What is the first thing your guest does as they enter your abode? They step through the door and often remove their coat or jacket in the entrance hall. It is vital that this point of entry is styled for both comfort and practicality. This area of the home does not need to be overcrowded with knick-knacks, it is after all just a place to greet your guests. It should be deliberately styled to impress with a few simple yet elegant home decorations.

Personal Frames

Our Tips: Place a stunning coat rack by the door to draw their eyes inwards. As you take their coats and place them on a stylish stand they will instantly be impressed and urged to look elsewhere. A small welcome matt to wipe their feet on is a small but kind gesture that means your guests will instantly feel wanted and relaxed. Hang frames along the hallway, so people can get an idea of who you are. Either arrange family photos or your favourite illustrations in a cluster on the wall to create a tone of warm sincerety. Entryways can often be dark so we suggest adding a subtle wall mirror to illuminate the space. Try to incorporate something with a fairly classic shape. Choosing something too flashy runs the risk of sending the wrong message to your new companions, nobody likes a show-off! Positioning a mirror in this part of the home is also extremely practical, we are all guilty of wanting to check our appearance before we head out the door. 

When redecorating many people spend most of their time focusing on the furniture. Where it’s going to go, what colour it’s going to be. These are of course significant aspects, but for some reason many home owners often forget the importance of lighting. Any interior designer will tell you that lighting can make or break the tone of a room. A well styled room can be completely let down by harsh lighting that doesn’t fit the setting. So, how to choose the right lighting? It all depends on the function of the room. If a particular room has multiple functions then we suggest providing multiple light sources.

Wall Lamp

Our Tips: For a room with multiple uses such as relaxing, working and socialising try incorporating a few differing sources of designer lighting to fit each occasion. For example, place a wall lamp in the corner of the room with a bright light concentrating on a small writing desk. This will create a reading or work corner with a more direct light. A hanging pendant light would be suitably placed in the centre, with either a decorative shade or something plainer depending on your taste. This particular fixture is to create general overall illumination, but nothing too overpowering. Finally, place a floor lamp in a corner furthest from the seated area. Make sure this lamp has a dark or mottled shade for a low light effect, casual meetings and socialising. This particular light will be ideal for a subtle glow when guests come over in the evening.

It is important to cater to all of your guest’s senses including their sense of smell. Isn’t it wonderful when you enter a new home and are overwhelmed by a delightfully fresh and pleasing scent? This is exactly what you should aim to evoke when somebody enters your living space.

Scented Candles

Our Tips: The easiest way to create a tempting smell in your home (other than constantly baking cookies all day long) is to light a scented candle. Be sure not to pick a scent that is too overpowering but adds to the general ambience. You could even go as far as to make your own potpourri, this will add a very personal touch and enable you to create a scent concoction that suits your mood. It really is simple to make your own; pick newly opened flowers and herbs, dry them in a jar for a couple of weeks with a few drops of  your favourite essential oil and there you go- homemade potpourri!


One of the biggest things to make a bad impression is clutter. Piles of papers that litter table tops and general mess are not what you wish to be greeted with as you enter another person’s home. There are so many stylish options to keep your interior clear and the space feeling fresh. That way you can keep your general things and have everything ordered.

Our Tips: The best space savers are sideboards and cupboards. The look chic, they keep your surfaces clear and they can even double up as a table. They look wonderful with a lamp placed on top and pose as an eye-catching feature for your room. We can’t emphasis enough how useful and beautiful these can be. If you want to make a feature out of your possessions, try to position a large shelving unit against the wall to display your most beloved book and pictures. You can add plants and other trinkets to make your home seem special and unique. Add in an ornamental lantern or sculpture; these are available at a number of home decorations stores.

Wooden Shelving

Remember that the best way to make a good impression is to shape your home into a place where you are most at peace. It is after all your home, focus on what makes you happy and this will shine through as soon as people arrive. So get styling your ideal home that is enriched with tasteful objects and sends a friendly message to your guests. Enjoy!