Furniture can transform a house into a home, and your home should be your haven. Create a space you love to live in by introducing contemporary furniture throughout. Contemporary furniture design is becoming more popular than ever and is characterised by clean lines, minimalist shades and the lack of clutter.




Bespoke pieces can lift a room from casual to chic in an instant. Modern homes don't have to follow trends. Mix and match contemporary styles for a look that's truly unique to your space. Focus on minimal texture and dramatic furniture to give your home the modern makeover it deserves.

Living Room

Your living area is a treasured space and the perfect showcase for modern furniture design. Think of this room as fluid, allowing you to move furniture around to maximise space and cosiness. Moveable seating lends your living room versatility. An industrial-inspired stool will give your living room a cool vibe, while Moroccan-style pouffes add a Bedouin touch to traditional rooms. If you're after a pop of colour, introduce a funky loveseat with a two-tone finish to offset minimalist decor, piled with colour block cushions to add personality and flair.Drawing attention to one particular piece of furniture in your living room can make the space appear larger than it is. An oversized coffee table with a delicate design is the feminine version of the classic game table; make it the focal point of the room and keep table decorations to a minimum.

Universo Positivo

Universo Positivo


Although it's the heart and soul of your home, the kitchen is a space that's often overlooked when introducing new furniture. This functional room can be given a contemporary upgrade with select pieces to make it the perfect place to entertain guests and share meals. Spruce up the space with a sleek chrome breakfast bench and tall bar stools or a slim line bookcase for holding your cookbooks. Storage is vital in the kitchen, so opt for a dresser in a bold, clashing shade for a contemporary twist on an old-fashioned classic.If you have the space, a smart dining table can be a dynamic presence in a modern kitchen. A round-top style with a distinctive base works well with sharp marble counters for a clash of shapes and lines.

Gubi Stool



A bedroom should be an oasis of calm - the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Choose unfussy and unpretentious modern furniture design for your bedroom with this in mind. A comfortable and inviting window seat makes the most of natural light and can bring a contemporary feel to traditional rooms. If you're looking to increase storage without sacrificing floor space, a decorative trunk at the foot of the bed is an ideal compromise. A bedside table with a sharp silhouette can anchor the look of your bed, while a textured headboard adds a touch of style without overwhelming the space. Invest in pieces that have personality or an unconventional shape to shake up your bedroom's style without the need for a full makeover.

Julian Chichester Low Cabinet

Julian Chichester