The Los Angeles Times weekend design supplement recently featured a profile of an eminent local lighting fixtures designer who has travelled the globe in search of inspiration. His guiding philosophy over his long career was that just as accessories can enhance an outfit, lighting fixtures are incredibly important finishing touches to houses. He says that, in recent years, lighting has evolved from being a purely functional household fitting to being a key element of interior design. This sentiment is key to the popularity of brass ceiling lights.

Heathfield Andromeda Antique Brass Light

The Longest Stay, suppliers of stylish home design solutions, stocks a range of brass lights which are expertly designed to suit most tastes and budgets and interior design schemes. An especially popular example is the Heathfield Andromeda Antique Brass Pendant Light with glass shades. This realistically priced ceiling light has practical adjustable arms, a high-quality antique brass finish and attractive glass shades, making it a tasteful and sympathetic option for most homes.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Maxi Pendant

Other eye-catching examples of brass ceiling lights are the Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Pendants. This quirky collection, which is based on the iconic original utility Anglepoise design, comes in various sizes and shades and was designed for maximum durability and value. Available in subdued and appealing "heritage" colours, it has a unique twisted fabric cable and authentically crafted brass detailing to give it substance and character.

Innermost Facet 18 pendant light

More intricate and detailed but no less spectacular is the delightful Innermost collection from renowned designer Tom Kirk. Consider, for instance, the Innermost Facet 18 Pendant Light, which is clearly inspired by the designer's professional background in silver and metalwork. Exquisitely handcrafted, the pendant light creates a remarkable glow which will lighten and brighten your home. It reflects its surroundings through the prism of the thousands of minuscule facets which adorn the fixture. The Innermost Facet Chandelier is a sister installation from the same designer, and it shares an almost iridescent warmth. Following the William Morris maxim that you should only have things in your home which you know to be useful or think to be beautiful, this was designed as a functional and aesthetically appealing lighting centrepiece.