William Shakespeare is 450 years of age today and if you’re looking to celebrate the birthday of one who has achieved literary immortality, you might consider these options:

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1. Observe a fancy-dress parade and a horse-drawn cake in Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon. Later, enjoy celebratory fireworks in the town, with Shakespeare’s famous visage lighting up the night sky in tribute to the Bard’s work and influence. 

2. Watch a Shakespeare production! The Globe Theatre’s outdoor season commences today, with a production of Hamlet that’ll soon be travelling all over the world. Get hold of a ticket for a performance at London’s Globe Theatre for just 450 pennies (usually £5). Call 0207 401 9919 to take advantage of the reduced price standing tickets, quoting ‘Birthday offer’.

3. Visit the V&A’s ‘Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright’ exhibition – The immersive installation will examine the enduring influence and popularity of the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare.

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4. ‘Cakespeare’ - Take part in the V&A’s cake themed competition to celebrate the bard’s 450th. Participants are encouraged to design, bake and decorate their own cake* celebrating the life and works of William Shakespeare. Enter by uploading an image of your cake to social media channels, using the hashtag #cakespeare.

*You may want to display your creation in this gorgeous hand painted cake stand.

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 5. Watch popular interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays; 10 Things I Hate About you, Baz Luhrman’s Romeo & Juliet, The Lion King, Warm Bodies, She’s the Man.

Have we missed any? Tell us in the comment section below...