As an aspiring interior designer, my taste seems to change as I discover new trends and new materials. It’s still a learning curve but, for the moment, I adore rustic and industrial spaces, imagining myself living one day in a converted warehouse with high ceilings, exposed brickwork and vast windows allowing the natural light to pour in. The Longest Stay exhibits some wonderful options for furnishing such a space, starting with the Shabby Grey Concrete Effect Wallpaper by NLXL and an extra large Urbane Rug in Chocolate, crafted from the finest New Zealand wool. The soft plaited texture underfoot would add warmth to a large open room.

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Shabby Grey Concrete Effect Wallpaper by NLXL / Urbane Rug in Chocolate  

I love soft neutral tones. In fact, my bedroom at home is often ridiculed for being 50 shades of brown. Lately I have tried to jazz it up with soft furnishings and ornaments. Here, I would select an assortment of some of the fantastic cushions that the Longest Stay has on offer to add a touch of colour: the Seed Cushion in Orange Soft Brown and the Hoop Cushion in Brown Grey, both by Seven Gauge Studios - I adore the geometric patterns on these two. And then why not throw in the Eskimo Brown Velvet Cushion by De Le Cuona to give some diversity in texture. I know, more brown!

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 Seed Cushion in Orange Soft Brown and Hoop Cushion in Brown Grey by Seven Guage Studios (left and right) / Eskimo Brown Velvet Cushion by De Le Cuona (middle)

To continue the industrial vibe, I would select the Wooden Tripod Spotlight, adding a nautical touch while retaining a level of sophistication with its leather fittings. Floor lamps of this scale manage to light the whole room and provide a warmer light than ceiling spotlights. In addition, a few of the innovative Shotgun Cartridge Stools by Jake Phipps would make for excellent casual seating or even just a decorative feature.

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 Wooden Tripod Spotlight by Culinary Concepts / Shotgun Cartridge Stool by Jake Phipps 

Having lived in Paris for a year, I have been exposed to a range of artwork from different movements and periods, with certain works by Matisse and Cézanne becoming favourites. It therefore comes as no surprise that I would select a lithograph from Matisse’s iconic ‘Blue Nudes’ series, which comes in a beautiful glass and silver gesso frame. Lastly, I try to use reclaimed or vintage materials in my designs wherever possible. That’s why the Sheep and Lamb Ornament in a nickel finish by Edge was an instant favourite. Using recycled metal, this adorable pair is handcrafted and, breaking away from the more traditional idea of an ornament, adds a quirky yet cosy feel to any room. 

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Henri Matisse Abstract Lithographs 1 by Trowbridge Gallery / Sheep and Lamb Ornament in Nickel by Edge

Post Image taken from Stoney Creek Furniture Blog: Neptune by Jonathan Louis