Sustainability is a hot topic of the moment. Finding new ways of looking after our precious and diminishing resources has been at the forefront of new design. Recycling, and in particular, up-cycling has become synonymous with trend-setting, and even high-end furniture. We at The Longest Stay, love the planet almost as much as we love interior design, and want to share some of the awesome ideas we have discovered and feel inspired by…

Who knew, for example, what awesome things could be done with old shipping palettes- yes the kind you see sitting outside shops and on street corners...We love this elegant swing bed created from just palettes rope and a mattress- looks utterly luxurious, but is still so simple- and environmentally friendly.

palette swing bed 

Or you could use the sturdy palette base for an up-right sofa, just add softness. Looks pretty cosy to us.

palette sofa

Or try making one of these up-cycled palette accent walls- a bit of sanding and coat of varnish will bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

palette wall

 What about these vibrant plant trays- a lick of colourful paint transforming them into a work of art.

palette flower box

 If you have loads of old clothes knocking around and you don’t know what to do with them, why not quilt yourself a new retro-denim ottoman like this one…

 denim ottoman

or even a colourful patchwork bench!

 patchwork bench

Drink a lot? Put those empties to good use by making a beautiful chandelier with them….or, if you have the patience, you could even make a chair out of the corks! 

 wine bottle chandelier

cork chair

If beer is your poison, flatten the bottle caps and make your very own mosaic beer-cap table top- easy.

 bottle cap table

Last, but not least, we love this gorgeous remoulded cutlery chandelier- rustic charm and style for rusty things...

fork chandelier

If you are looking for upcycled things from us- we have a beautiful table by Gila Timur..upcycled from balinese fishing boats, or quirky pieces by Elvis and Kresse made from old fire hoses.

Let us know your thoughts on upcycling!

Yours in Design,

The Longest Stay