As a team of international stylists, we have a soft spot for designers or brands whose philosophy gathers inspiration from around the world. Nitin Goyal is one of these brands. An award-winning British home accessories designer with Indian roots, Goyal has amalgamated a wealth of experience in the industry over the past 15 years and is constantly bringing together cultural influences from his childhood into his work. He says, “I have been greatly influenced by all the unique artisan crafts and skills and the lush rich colours!”

Nitin Goyal

Nitin Goyal’s cushion collection is instantly recognisable for two things: hand smocking, pleats and prints. The designer has a fascination for adding a new dimension to any flat piece of fabric and has enormous respect for the skilled artisans that help bring his collections to life. In fact, he states, “our mission remains to make sure this age-old craft survives in today’s environment”. He personally visits the craftsmen in India to ensure fair wages, professional development and an ethical working atmosphere. As well as, having a hands-on approach in his studio in East London. 


1.Hand Pleated Origami Cushion - Ivory
2.Rubik Printed Silk Cushion - Navy Pink

As for prints, Nitin Goyal delivers a rainbow of colours on the one hand and on the other he’s a master of geometry. He cites Pablo Griss – an artist that uses geometric shapes and lines to create metaphorical spaces – as well as Rei Kawakubo, Alexander McQueen and Martin Margela as inspirations. These, plus his worldly travels result in a beautiful digitally printed collection that feels modern and at home in any environment.

printed cushions

1. Pixelated Triangles Printed Silk Cushion - Azure
2. Rubik Printed Silk Cushion - Navy Pink
3.Hand Smocked Flower Cotton Velvet Cushion - Teal

If you’re already thinking of luxury gift ideas for Christmas (getting organised now will save you many headaches in the future!) then take a look at the entire Nitin Goyal collection. We love that their cushions are available in different shapes and sizes, so you could easily combine the traditional square cushion alongside the bolster or lumbar cushions, making it an ideal gift for your dearest and nearest or yourself. Bolster cushions are incredibly versatile and can add a much-needed visual boost to your cushion arrangement, particularly as they feature an ultra tactile and plush velvet hand-smocked fabric.

six cushions

1. Hand Smocked Large Wave Signature Cushion - Ivory
 2. Stained Glass Cushion - Berry
3. Hand Smocked Striped Flower Signature - Cushion Blue 
4. Trio Printed Silk Cushion - Ocean Blues 

5. Hand Smocked Flower Cotton Velvet Cushion - Eggplant
6. Small Braids Printed Silk Cushion - Blues

If like us you find it difficult to choose the right cushion for your sofa or bedroom why not opt for a relaxed bohemian look? With Nitin Goyal’s collections, this can be achieved by keeping in mind a couple of designer-approved guidelines. Although you can be quite playful with your cushion arrangement try and keep their style consistent. If you’re going for a formal look then keep them all in the same vein, but if you’re going for something more eclectic then keep this style running through your selection. Last but least, think about your cushion’s patterns, mix & match between small and large prints to create an attractive display.
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Nitin Goyal is an excellent example of the rise of the designer-maker in today’s interiors environment. We would agree with Goyal when he states, “we now romanticise the handmade because we yearn for quality, not quantity”. This is at the core of the brand’s values and their creations are the result of well-designed functional products that cater to the most discerning clientele.

Which do you prefer, pleated and hand smocked? Or geometric and colourful? Tell us in the comments below!