We scour the world of interiors to find brands that align with our design philosophy and ethos. We come across many that touch upon these values but only handfuls perfectly align. Mineaheart is one of those brands. They believe, "the objects we surround ourselves with every day should be more than just functional, they should be made of stories, love, art and poetry in order to meaningfully exist…" 

Mineheart designer Vanessa Battaglia & Brendan Young

Feather Table Lamp

Established in 2010 by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, the name Mineheart was inspired by the Shakespearian quote “mine eye and heart”. It encapsulates the designers’ dual passions: love for tradition and an eye for contemporary design. Their collections often combine surprising and delightful elements, ones that make them smile – “that’s our only design rule” – they assert.

mine heart

1. Patch Ritza Cushion 
2. Eye Doll Lampshade 
3. Persian Wall Wallpaper 
4. Elizabeth Cabinet 
5. Undercover Antiques Plate
6. Gypsy Cowhide Rug 

As the home of British eclectic design, most of Mineheart’s products are designed, made and assembled in the UK. They work with craftsmen who are experts in their field to ensure the highest level of production and quality. Their work has shown at the V&A and some of their pieces form part of the permanent collection at MOMA in Monaco. In 2005, Mineheart was named one of the Top Ten Design Studios of the Future at 100% Design.

mine rug

Left: Poetry Side Plate 
Right: Persian Polkadot Autumn Morning Rug  

The brand is always looking to develop and grow their aesthetic.In addition to their own designs, they have collaborated with international artists including, Chad Wys, Himitsuhana, Joao Figuereido and Courtney Brims. Mixing Mineheart’s signature style of classical ideas with contemporary design. One of our favourite partnerships is the one with Angela Rossi. Together, they brought to life a series of digitally printed portraits called Animal Ancestors. Instead of the notable images of the past, we see majestic animals looking regal and noble. If you want to make sure your walls speak loudly, this is the collection for you.  The ornate frame on these portraits is actually a digital print and not a three-dimensional form. That’s a Mineheart work of art!
mine plate

Parrot: Cousin Parker 
Walrus: Uncle Walter 
Stag: Brother Stanwick
Owl: Granfather Olaf 

Young & Battaglia cleverly re-work materials and reference traditional imagery. This results in products that fuse past and present in unexpected ways. However, their aim is to prompt a question, to leave the viewers wondering... 
Is it art or vandalism? Is it sincere or ironic? Is it tasteless or eclectic?

mine canvas

Madam Blush & Monsieur Mint 

Mineheart brings a much-needed dose of tongue-in-cheek humour into our homes. With a dash of romance, colour and poetry. If that’s not great design we don’t know what is. Would you agree?