We’ve always loved wallpaper here at The Longest Stay, they have the capacity to turn an otherwise bland room, into an oh-my-this-is-a-showstopper kind of a room. When we came across Mind The Gap’s unique and quirky collection, we were smitten.

 Founded in 2009 by Stephan Ormenişan and Victor Serban, along with founders, key designers Anca Pora and Ilka Torok, they create wall art that takes inspiration from vintage photography, antique illustrations, modern patterns and nature. With an array of stunning illustrations and vibrant colours your home may just get exactly what it needs this season.

Tropical Vibes

Pineapples are nothing new in the home décor department, in fact, as a rear and scarce fruit during Colonial times it became a symbol of status, wealth and hospitality, and would often be used as a centrepiece.

Mind the Gap have added their own magic to this exotic fruit and created wallpaper with a nostalgic feel that would also be at home in any modern abode.

Tropical Vibes

 If fruit is not your thing but you love the idea of adding green hues to your living space then we suggest the Rainforest wallpaper. Its full foliage pattern brings the outdoors in and livens up your environment. For dashes of nostalgia opt for the Exotic fruit wallpaper, its predominant olive green tonality offers a soothing, and an earthy aesthetic with unquestionable appeal.

Exotic Fruit


Remember the Time

Speaking of nostalgia, give your guests an entrance by choosing one of Mind the Gap’s stunning Arts & Crafts inspired wallpapers to make a feature wall in the entrance hallway. We recommend the Chinese Floral wallpaper if you have a weakness for traditional and classic décor. 

With a penchant for ornaments, the Victorians would habitually use very rich decorative wallpaper to jazz up an entire room from floor to ceiling. Tread with caution and start with one wall first, and then add more as you and your eyes get used to its undeniable impact.

Classic Style


Geometry Class

Do you love to make a dramatic and beautiful statement? This one is for your walls or your ceiling! We can hear your outcry “What? Ceiling?” but bear with us.  This is your opportunity to be bold and add drama to your dining room ceiling, leave your walls as they are and let this geometric dream steal the limelight.



Out of this world!

The race to the moon is long gone but our fascination with outer space will continue to grow. These lovely digital prints will work wonders in your study room, living room or even a feature wall in your bathroom. We love the depth of the Universe design and the colour combination of the Galaxy design.

Out Of This World


Just for Fun

There is something for everyone in Mind the Gap’s collection, and for those who love a tongue-in-cheek approach to design, these are a must!  The Pin-up girls wallpaper is quirky, playful and would be ideal for a retro-revival home, whilst the Playcards wallpaper would shape the backdrop of boho-chic and eclectic design schemes. Small spaces greatly benefit from these distinctive wallpapers as it gives the area a unique identity and a character of its own.

Just For Fun 

Try any of these this season and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Which one is your favourite? 

Check out Mind The Gap's collection here.