When Innermost became part of our curated collection of designer lighting we were ecstatic. Co-founders Steve Jones and Russell Cameron “look for something that’s unusual” and so do we when it comes to interior décor. Innermost celebrate designers and ideas from all corners of the globe that share their passion for anarchy. Over the years, they’ve collaborated with the likes of Jake Phipps, James Bartlett, and Tom Kirk to name a few. And each time this amalgamation of diverse designers has worked brilliantly in delivering stunning creations.
Wooster Pendant Ceiling Light & Jeeves Pendant Ceiling Light by Jake Phipps 

When you sell furniture online you want to make sure your pieces stand out, are beautifully designed and well made. Innermost ticks all of these boxes and more. They use humour as a means of innovation like their Circus series, created by Berlin-born London based designer Corinna Warm. These beautiful aluminium pendants are inspired by the shape of Victorian circus fair tents and are available in textured matt white or black exteriors with a golden interior. 
Circus Pendant Light by Corinna Warm

Innermost also cleverly re-purpose common everyday materials like concrete in their Portland series. Their jewel-like shape is designed to work well in clusters, or in a line directly above your dining table, hallway or a bar (if you’re lucky enough to have one!).
Portland 19 by James Bartlett

Blurring the boundaries between what’s real and what isn’t makes the Canvas armchair and sofa magical. Designed by YOY studio for Innermost, this 2-dimensional image leans on a wall and because of its clever construction of structured fabrics you can comfortably sit on it. Best of all it’s cover is removable and machine washable. This one is definitely a stand out piece!
Canvas Sofa

We’re firm believers it’s their complementary skill set that makes Innermost one of the most contemporary, exciting and unique brands currently in the market. They aim to discover new talent around the world, visiting universities across the UK and graduate shows worldwide. Their pieces will inject a jolt of colour to any interiors as well as a smile. Here are a few of our favourites…

Latitude Suspension Light in black, red and white by Flynn Talbot
Matrioshka Lights in red and blue by Stone Designs
Beads Ceiling Light in copper by Winnie Lui

Before Steve Jones and Russell Cameron joined forces back in 1999 to create Innermost, they were both working in a design and furniture consultancy. Jones has always advocated diversity as a way to stay ahead of the curve in design. His own experience has seen him create things as diverse as ladies shoes, books, toys, and even an internship in the naval architecture department of Swan Hunter shipbuilders. On the other hand, Cameron built a wealth of experience as a manufacturing expert. It is this production know-how that has helped drive numerous projects at Innermost and bring designs to life that may otherwise have been ignored.

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