The creative eye behind designer lighting company Ango is London-born designer Angus Hutcheson. When he moved to Thailand in 2003, after he’d decided to shift his focus from architecture to lighting design, he created his first pieces and showcased them in local shops. He soon found it was almost impossible to find any established companies that could carry out fabrication for Ango. This led him to create and train his own team of skilled craftspeople to produce the pieces. From then on, Ango developed a distinct style of modern appeal juxtaposed with natural materials, organic forms and a masterful use of silk cocoons.

Globette C table lamp

Globette C table lamp

When they exhibited their collection in Maison & Objet (Paris) and 100% Design (London) in the late part of the 2000’s it was clear they had captured something quite magical with their designs. Hutcheson says, “our design team’s made up of Aon Benjamapa, Pui Chutitanawong, and myself working together in quite a loose experimental way from our base in Bangkok, and our pieces usually come about through quite a push/pull process between the concept, the design process, and the technique and materials being put into play.”

Moon Ceiling Lights

Moon ceiling lights in various colours

It is truly their choice of material that really sets them apart.  The organic appeal of the cocoons – bright white when the lamps are off and a soft, warm, diffused light when on – form the basis of their collection. Other materials include rattan and mulberry tree bark but, as Hutcheson points out, there is more than nature at play when he designs,“observing patterns of nature is a strong on-going influence, but I get equally inspired by observing the visual chaos of cities, especially those in Asia.”

Hanging World Ceiling Light

Hanging World ceiling light

Each piece seems to be an allegory about how we can live alongside nature in a technological world, “a vision of an electric Arcadia created with light.” For example, the Chrysalis floor lamp displays a metallic curved base with a very lightweight silk cocoon globe, which creates a wonderful display of light reminiscent of a flower in bloom.

Chrysalis Floor Lamp

Chrysalis Floor Lamp Close Up

The most recent addition to our Ango collection is the Electro series, made of steel wire with nickel and woven silver thread to make a domed web effect. The light released from this mesh of warm metal is simply mesmerising.  Each piece is handmade so no two are the same and variations in the mesh pattern make each piece truly one of a kind.

Close Up

Close Up Ango


There are two models in the Electro series, two table lamps both with a metal powder coated tripod base.

Manipulating materials to create new textures is at the forefront of Ango’s aesthetic and this is displayed in every piece they create. The Snow Baby table lamp is made from mulberry tree bark, which is stripped from timber. The diffuser is formed by hand sewing each of the prepared clusters of fibre to a cotton grid, which has been fastened to the stainless steel base structure. The unique colouring of the material is a soft white that yellows a little with age. 

Baby Snow Table Lamp 

As an exclusive home decoration store, we like to offer you products that can easily adapt to your individual style and Ango is the perfect example of this. Style it with wooden or natural materials, earthy tones and rich textures to create a nature-inspired vibe in your home. Or, opt for clean lines, a monochrome palette and metallic hues for a more contemporary feel.

Which piece would fit into your home today?