Let’s continue our journey through the behind the scenes of The Longest Stay’s content creation of our soon to be re-lauched website with a full media hub. We’ve called it “The Spotlight” as we get to shine the light on some of the most beautiful and impressive interiors brands from around the world.


After one week (since our last shoot) we felt refreshed and replenished—and we were all hands on deck—to complete our last filming day.


First up, Innermost. A British brand that has an eye for beautiful lighting design and collaborates with some of the most exciting designers from the UK and beyond. There showroom at London’s iconic OXO tower gave us a glance into their extravagant world.




One particular favourite was the Dub collection, with it’s unique layers of aluminium creating each piece in a variety of colours from rose, to golden to black and forest green. The Brixton spotlight by James Bartlett is inspired by the Victorian railway station and residential architecture of London, whilst this super fun Canvas chair gives the illusion of a 2D piece when it’s actually a fully functioning seat. 




Next up, the fantastic and delicate designs of Czech brand Lasvit. We journeyed to East London where we were greeted by these colourful, playful and stunning pieces of coloured glass hanging from the ceiling in perfect unison. Meet Lollipop. Wouldn’t you just love to take a bite?




Last but certainly not least, we traveled to the Italian land of Arper in Clerkenwell Design District in Central London. The showroom is an open space interacting with the outside world through its ten large windows that run along the two sides. The space has a gentle industrialised feel and works seamlessly with Arper’s retro-modern collection.




And that concludes our little behind the scenes peek, stayed tuned as we slowly unveil our new website, with more products, interactive ways to shop and beautiful content. We want to ensure you make you’re home so beautiful you’ll never want to leave.