We love home accessories that have an eclectic vibe topped with chic detailing. As we approach Spring (and it seems that way now that the sun has finally come out!) we’ve selected our favourite pieces to make your home stand out this season.


Plate Display

Plates are not only for serving your favourite dish! Opt for a selection of quirky plates and display them haphazardly on your dining room wall or near a sideboard. These Mineheart plates are perfect for colour lovers, but if you prefer a neutral colour palette Kiasmo has a wonderful selection too. 


Wewood & Mineheart


Sunshine Yellow

Inject a ray of sunshine in your abode with home accessories and lighting that can easily be moved around and placed wherever you need a boost of colour. 


anglepoise, bib & sola

Nautical themed cushion by Bivain

Selection of glasses by Bib & Sola

Scented candle by Illume

Giant floor lamp by Anglepoise

Golden plate by Royal Crown Derby


Light Reflections

The easiest way to flood a room with natural light is by using a mirror. Place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the angle of light and bounce it throughout the room. To add layers of interest to your walls opt for a mirror with a three dimensional frame, we love the Antarctic mirror by Ginger & Jagger — its angular planes create a fascinating view!


gubi, ginger & jagger

Randaccio mirror by Gubi

Antarctic mirror by Ginger & Jagger


At Your Feet

If everything in your home remains constant but you swap your rug, it will immediately feel refreshed and revived. Promise. Spring is the perfect opportunity get your current rug cleaned, stored, and exchanged with one that features bright or pastel hues. Here are two of our favourites…


asiatic, mineheart

Aran rug by Asiatic

Empress Wu rug by Mineheart


Flower Power

We’ve got a wonderful selection of vases to display your blooms this Spring — think angular and unique by Atipico, or stylish and chic by Rokos. If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, why not opt for teacups and candle holders to display small flowers? 


atipico, rokos, royal crown derby

Kora vase (in grey and black) by Atipico

Single Stem vase by Rokos

Darley Abbey Harlequin Tea cup & saucer by Royal Crown Derby


We’d love to see your take on these ideas, share them with us on social media for a chance to be featured on our instagram feed!